Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5302

Seeing that Elaine had screwed herself over, yet she was still constantly self-aggrandizing, Benedict was even more furious and trembling all over!

  She pointed at Elaine and cursed, “Damn it, you’re not coming down, are you? If you don’t come down, I’ll go up and throw you off the terrace! If I don’t kill you, I won’t be a human being!”

  Elaine looked disdainful: “Aiya, you scared me to death Benedict, you’ve earned some money as a black-hearted anchor, so you’ve become lawless and disregarded the law, haven’t you? Do you know that trespa*sing is punishable by imprisonment? If you dare to come in, I’ll call the police now!”

  When Benedict heard these words, her arrogance suddenly shrivelled up a bit.

  She was smarter than Elaine and knew that in this situation, she could hardly do anything out of the ordinary except to move her mouth and curse her mother.

  Not to mention the fact that trespa*sing was against the law, Elaine’s son-in-law, Charlie wade, was a man she could not afford to mess with.

  Charlie wade was a very powerful man in Aurous Hill, and many rich and powerful people followed him around, calling him Master Wade all the time.

  However, at this moment, she had nowhere to vent her anger and was so devastated that she simply took off her shoes and slammed the door frantically, cursing under her breath, “Elaine! I’ll kill you sooner or later if you cut off my money! I won’t let you go even if I die! You come down here!!!”

  For a while, the whole neighborhood was in a flurry of chickens and dogs.

  However, this was after all an upscale neighbourhood, and when they heard the bickering and noise from below, no one broke into song, just a lot of people poking their heads out to watch the fun, and then they stopped asking questions.

  Even Liu Manqiong, who lives on a high floor and is enjoying the river view, was attracted by the commotion inside the district. Seeing someone cursing in the district, she went to the south window and frowned at it, and vaguely saw a crazy woman outside someone’s door in the villa area, so she simply closed all the south windows.

  At this moment Benedict, like God of war without guns or cannons and alone to fight Ping’an County, eyed the sturdy door of Charlie wade’s house and cursed hysterically.

  Elaine was lying on the railing, although her ears were full of Benedict’s unpleasant curses, but she looked at that Benedict’s exasperated look and laughed out happily.

  She stopped the video recording and took out a handful of melon seeds from her trouser pocket, and while stoned, she dropped the skin from the terrace, while looking at Benedict with a playful face, shaking her head and saying: “Benedict, to be honest, I like to see you want to kill me but you can’t do anything about it, like a barking dog that can’t get a bone. It’s so much fun!”

  Benedict was so angry at her words that she almost vomited blood, stamping her foot and cursing, “Elaine! I’ll f*cking rip your f*cking mouth off!”

  Elaine said contemptuously, “Ai yao yao Benedict, aren’t you usually quite polite in your speech? Why is your quality so low now? You don’t usually talk like this to your family members in the live broadcast!”

  As she said that, Elaine imitated Benedict’s tone of voice when she was live-streaming with goods, she cried and cried, “Family members! Come and help Yanzi! Yanzi’s husband and son are both paralyzed! Her mother-in-law is starving to death! Yanzi is pregnant with the overseer’s baby at the black coal mine, and she’s about to give birth, and has no money to buy milk powder for the baby. Yanzi also has a venereal disease that she can’t afford to treat, and she’s itching and scratching all day, so she can’t afford to see a doctor.