Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5300

Suddenly hearing her own voice in the news of a netizen flipping a car seat headline was as jarring to Benedict as a male internet user downloading a video from an unhealthy website and seeing his own face after opening it.

  Her inner defences broke down almost instantly, and she slipped into the bathtub, choking on a mouthful of milk and salt-flavoured bathwater, because she was so nervous.

  This time, her eyes were as wide as a pair of bells and her heart seemed to be beating twice as fast!

  In the picture, she was lecturing Wilson’s family in a commanding manner, and wasn’t this what had happened half an hour or less ago?

  Look at the angle, it was taken through a small gap in the balcony curtains, who had done this?

  What she couldn’t understand was that the doors and windows of the villa were all multi-layered laminated and hollow system windows and doors, and it was said that in order to ensure sound and heat insulation, the gla*s interlayer was also filled with inert gas, and normally, as long as she closed the doors and windows in her room, she could barely hear the explosion even if fireworks were set off outside. It’s as if people are talking right in front of them.

  Benedict is indeed smarter and more intelligent than Elaine in general, but when it comes to this kind of small intelligence, she is no match for Elaine.

  Elaine, who lived in the same villa type as her, had long known that surreptitious filming from outside would only capture images, not sound, so she used Guifen and gave the three of them a reasonable division of labour, with one person outside to shoot video and two inside to find ways to surreptitiously record sound.

  Although the villa’s doors and windows were soundproofed to the extreme, they were only external and the interior doors were not particularly reinforced, so Elaine caught the loophole.

  At this moment, Benedict knew very well that since these videos were exposed, her road to wealth as a live broadcaster would come to an end!

  The thought of this video coming to light would affect hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars of potential income for herself!

  The old adage that taking money from someone is like killing their parents is an eternal truth at all times.

  In this instant, Benedict’s heart was filled with hatred, she could not find the person who had exposed her and cut her into pieces!

  Then, she immediately swiped down her phone, skipped the video and started to read the text content of the report.

  In the text, the script of her live broadcast was fully revealed, as well as her approximate figures and income since the broadcast.

  When she read one of the lines, she jumped out of the bathtub in anger!

  The line reads, “According to a short video platform user named ‘Fighting Fighter Elaine’ ……”

  Benedict was already mad with hatred at this point, and immediately cursed, “Elaine! You cut off your grandma Qian’s money, I’ll f*cking kill you!”

  After saying that, she rushed out of the bathroom like crazy, not bothering to dry the water droplets on her body, she directly put on her clothes and ran out of the room like crazy, then drove her Mercedes Benz G, and ran all the way to Townsend One like crazy!

  During this journey, she had jumped through an unknown number of red lights alone!

  At this moment, she didn’t have any traffic rules in mind, she only had one thing on her mind, and that was to find Elaine and beat the sh*t out of her until she was beaten to death alive.

  And just as Benedict was running towards Townsend One, Claire Wilson also saw the tidal wave of tweets.

  When she saw what was going on, she immediately handed her phone to Charlie wade and said to him, “Honey …… look! It seems like it’s my mum and she’s exposed the eldest aunt ……”