Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5299

This is one of the main reasons why Benedict likes to stay in hotels these days.

  At this moment Benedict is lying in the bathtub with her eyes closed, her mobile phone on the stone table next to the bathtub.

  Because she was already a big internet celebrity, the short video platform had countless users sending her private messages and comments and likes every day, so she had long since turned off the push function of the short video platform.

  So even though there are tens of thousands of people, using all kinds of ways to bash and abuse her, she is still in the dark.

  At this moment, Wilson Changqian and Wilson Hailong, who were paralyzed in bed, had no chance to go online because they could not hold their mobile phones with both hands, and Old Mrs. Wilson also went to bed early because she was really tired of serving the two of them, while Wilson Weiwei was still working overtime in a meeting at the company, so no one told Benedict about what happened online.

  The video of Elaine, on the other hand, was still fermenting.

  At this moment, Elaine was so excited that she could not even close her mouth as she watched the countless number of plays and the number of likes and comments.

  But the only regret was that although his video had reached several million views, his followers had not grown much, but only a few thousand.

  After another ten minutes or so, the fermentation of the incident was in full swing, Elaine’s video had already exceeded ten million views, and many news software also started to issue urgent news tweets in response to the incident.

  In a flash, several articles were pushed out one after another.

  The netizen sells misery live and earns hundreds of thousands of dollars a day”, “Using others’ sympathy to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, don’t let the public chill! The company’s main business is to provide a live broadcast of its products to the public. ……

  Benedict opened her eyes when she heard her phone suddenly keep popping up with tweets, and took it by hand.

  She took one look at the screen full of tweets and knew that another netizen had flipped.

  However, she didn’t realise at all that the person who had flipped was herself, instead she said to herself with a gloating look on her face, “I wonder which unlucky person has been exposed again, if I am as cautious as I am, it is definitely impossible to be exposed within three to five years, and even if I am exposed after three to five years, so what? So what if I’m exposed in three or five years’ time? Anyway, when I’ve made enough money, I’ll just take my pa*sport and fly to a country where no one knows me and enjoy a good life.”

  As she said that, she couldn’t help but sneer and muttered in her mind, “When my live stream stabilises for another two months, I will open a netizen agency, train more anchors like me, use my account to channel their traffic and let them grow up to make money for me, then my ability to draw money will be much stronger than now. If I can make enough money, I will immediately emigrate to Europe or the United States, and then I won’t take anyone with me. One billion is definitely enough for me to spend my life in style!”

  At this point, Benedict’s mind was already imagining her life abroad with billions of dollars in her hands, squandering money like dirt and becoming intoxicated with paper.

  At this time, she smoothly clicked on one of the tweets to see who was so unlucky to be exposed online on such a large scale.

  The tweet she clicked on, when she opened it, played first the video that Elaine had uploaded.

  Before she could recognise what was being filmed, her own voice came over the speakers, “Damn, this sh*tty headgear is too damn hot!”