Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5298

  So when she saw so many likes and comments, she felt as if it wasn’t real, as if the slot machine in the casino had suddenly hit three 7s and the numbers in the amount column kept tumbling upwards, giving her the illusion that she was in a dream.

  And yet, it was all real.

  The content of the video itself was so powerful and so bad that any ordinary person would have felt righteous indignation at the sight of it.

  And because of this, the video’s numbers were ridiculously good!

  Soon, the number of plays quickly exceeded one million and, from one million to two million, it took less than five minutes.

  In the backstage algorithm of the short video platform, it showed that this video was the best performing one on the whole platform at the moment, bar none.

  That was the work published by big netizens with tens of millions of followers, and it wasn’t at all as explosive as this one!

  Thus, on this night, the entire platform’s traffic was tilted wildly towards this video.

  At this moment, countless netizens gritted their teeth and scolded Benedict in front of their phones.

  Among them were many people who had watched Benedict’s live stream, and even many of her fans.

  People bought things from Benedict’s live stream simply because they felt that this woman was indeed too pitiful, and that she was also indeed very resilient and had the traditional virtues of being virtuous and hard-working.

  And these fans usually don’t know much about live-streaming with goods, so they don’t know how much Benedict can actually earn if they spend 100 yuan on something in her live-streaming room.

  They all thought that if they bought 100 yuan, Benedict would only earn one or two yuan at most, and thought that her hard work in bringing goods was just to earn some medical expenses for her husband and son and some living expenses for her mother-in-law.

  But who would have thought that with just an ordinary live broadcast on a weekday, this woman would be able to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from these live viewers!

  What’s even more annoying is that this woman has set up her own show!

  The real Benedict shown in this video is the polar opposite of what she appears to be in the live stream.

  She is the opposite of what she appears to be on air. She beats and scolds her paralysed husband and son without any respect.

  She also treats her mother-in-law, who is over 80 years old, with vitriol and rudeness.

  Com, where can I see a trace of traditional virtue in her, what I can see is almost all vile and nasty!

  Moreover, she also had the audacity to call all her fans unjust sons.

  This would be just too much!

  So, many people ran to leave comments under Benedict’s latest short video, scolding her more than once, and many even started to complain and report to some official accounts in Jinling.

  Soon, the netizens of Jinling exploded into a frenzy.

  They didn’t expect that there would be such a brazen woman in the city they lived in, so they spread the video on various channels, especially in WeChat’s circle of friends and in WeChat groups.

  And at this moment Benedict had just arrived at the luxury suite of the five-star hotel.

  On her way over by car, she had already called the hotel housekeeper and asked her to put in bath water for herself, and she had also put in specially imported bath salts, as well as many fresh rose petals.

  So, as soon as she arrived at the hotel, she hurriedly undressed and soaked into the comfortable Jacuzzi.

  After she had finished her bath, she also booked a special oil ma*sage at the hotel. Lying on the bed and enjoying the ma*sage with her eyes closed until she was drowsy, then she fell into a deep sleep with a full body of essential oils, which for Benedict had become the best way to relieve her fatigue.

  As a big client of the hotel, she doesn’t have to worry about what happens to the duvet and sheets when they get dirty, because no matter how messy she makes the room, it will be tidy and spotless when she returns after leaving tomorrow.