Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5292

  Christopher Wilson smacked his lips and sighed, “But this rice paste is so damn hard to eat, it doesn’t have any flavour in my mouth, and it’s even a bit bitter? What the f*ck can this stupid manufacturer do with good ingredients?”

  Benedict lifted her hand and slapped him across the face, knocking him out cold.

  Christopher Wilson was about to ask why, when Benedict said impatiently, “Who the hell are you calling your wife? Isn’t this the time when you were beating me with your big mouth, forcing to divorce me and telling me to get out of this house?”

  Christopher Wilson was stunned, and then he said, “Oh, wife, it’s my fault! If I ever mention a word of divorce to you again, I, Christopher Wilson, will be struck by lightning and die without a burial place!”

  Benedict laughed coldly, “Aigoo, Christopher Wilson, you’ve changed so fast! What did you say in the beginning? You said that I had given you a green hat, that I was pregnant with a wild man’s child, that I had infected you with a disease, and that you had to throw me out of the house. Now that I can make money, you don’t think I’ve made you feel bad about being a cuckold?”

  Christopher Wilson said with a smile, “Honey, look at what you said, it’s not a matter of whether you can make money or not, it’s because I’ve really thought about it myself, and I can’t blame you for what happened in the first place, because you were forced by the situation. This kind of thing, I am also responsible for …… “

    Speaking of this, Christopher Wilson sighed, Tears also flowed down immediately, and he choked up and said: “Honey, actually I didn’t think of the crimes you suffered in the black coal mine, and I felt very sorry for you, because it was obvious that we came up with the idea together, but I hid behind the scenes and let you go out to execute the plan. In the end, it was you who was sent to the black coal kiln by Charlie wade …… In the end, it was Charlie wade who did you harm ……”

  Benedict looked at Christopher Wilson’s tearful face, her heart was not moved in the slightest, but turned her face to look at Harold Wilson, slapped him on the top of the head, then pointed at Christopher Wilson and said, “You learn from your father well! Look at your father’s tears, they just come when he says they will! His emotions are instantly on point! He’s an old school actor!”

  ”Look at you, you’re just like those fresh meat, you don’t eat enough, you can’t do anything, you can’t sing anything, you can’t act anything, you’re a waste of time!”

  ”At least they have good skin and can fool their female fans into spending a lot of money, but what can you do? You can’t even hold back a few f*cking tears!”

  Harold Wilson was slapped on the head and scolded by his mother pointing at his nose, his whole body was simply unbearable and he could only cry and say, “Mom …… prepare a bottle of cool oil for me tomorrow, if I can’t cry, I’ll rub the cool oil into my eyes!”

  Benedict nodded and pointed at old Mrs. Wilson, yelling, “You heard what Hai Long said, go buy him a bottle of cool oil tomorrow!”

  Old Mrs. Wilson said: “Benedict, …… you can transfer some money to my WeChat, I will place an order on the takeaway software ……”

  Benedict said disdainfully, “You’re thinking better of yourself, old woman! I’m not sweeping you off your feet, not because I’m kind-hearted, but because you’re still somewhat useful, you listen to me honestly, I can feed you, drink you, dress you, use you, even if you’re sick I can also give you medical treatment, you die I give you a beautiful burial. “

  ”But don’t worry, I can spend hundreds of thousands or a million on you, but I will never give you a penny! I will make you live without me, Benedict, from now on!”