Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5291

Harold Wilson was reprimanded by Benedict and did not dare to retort, so he could only nod resentfully and agree, “You’re right, mum, I’m the one who’s too presumptuous ……”

  Benedict coldly snorted and continued to scold, “And! I told you before today’s live broadcast, you only have one task tonight, when the live broadcast is over and you give thanks to the live viewers, you have to shed some tears for me, but when I look at you just now, how come it’s just thundering but not raining, where are your tears?”

  Harold Wilson said nervously, “Mom …… I …… can’t cry when I think of the hundreds of thousands of dollars you’ll easily earn tonight… …”

  Benedict scolded angrily, “Rubbish! You have to cry even if you can’t cry! If you don’t make the people in the live stream think they’re noble, how can they willingly spend money on us? Our live selections are all cheap, worthless items that sell for many times the cost, so why should people pay a high price for our stuff? Why should people pay high prices for our stuff? Isn’t it just for the psychological satisfaction? You and your father are now paralyzed in bed, you can’t kneel down to them, I asked you to shed a few tears and you still can’t do it?”

  Harold Wilson said obsequiously, “Mom …… I …… I do want to cry, but this tears are not up to me, I want to cry, but I can’t cry, tears also can’t come out how to ……”

  The first thing you need to do is to put some wind oil or chili oil on the other side of your pillow tomorrow! If you can’t cry tears, just quietly turn your head to the other side and rub it on the anthropomorphic oil and chili oil, so I guarantee you can cry tears!”

  Harold Wilson was startled and said in a hurry, “Mom …… that’s too harsh, I’m afraid my eyes will swell up ……”

  Benedict said without thinking, “Swollen eyes are better, red and swollen, plus tears, that’s the real perfection!”

  Harold Wilson still wanted to beg for mercy, Benedict words not even give him a chance, directly sternly shouted: “I tell you Harold, you do not talk nonsense with me here, now this family I have the say, if you do not listen, I will throw you outside the door, you live and die by yourself!”

  Harold Wilson shrank his neck in fear and said in a hurry, “Don’t ah mum …… I promise you still can’t I ……”

  Benedict glared at him and then looked at Old Mrs. Wilson and said in a cold voice, “And you dead old woman! Every day you just know how to bow in front of the camera! The monkeys that played in the streets in the early years were just like you! Tomorrow, change your ways for me, and when the broadcast is almost over, kneel down and kowtow to everyone!”

  Old Mrs. Wilson said nervously, “Benedict …… me …… I’m so old and my legs aren’t very handy, you’re asking me to kneel down and kowtow, I’m afraid I can’t make it… …”

  Benedict said coldly: “You have to come even if you can’t! Don’t you spend the money I earn? Don’t you eat the food you buy? Don’t you use it? If you can’t, you can go back to the supermarket and pull plastic bags for others!”

  When Old Mrs. Wilson heard this, she said, “Benedict, don’t be angry, I’ll do it, I’ll do it. ……”

  Benedict hummed and ignored her again.

  At this time, Christopher Wilson on the bed said with a flattering face, “Good wife, you see I’m still doing well tonight, right? When I was eating the rice paste, those little details were very well designed, fully reflecting my mood as a paralyzed patient who also likes this rice paste very much and desperately wants to eat it!”