Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5289

Although Elaine is not a smart person, she definitely has a lot of ideas to fix people.

  She had a way to expose Benedict, but she had difficulty with her own legs and the risk was too great for her alone.

  The three of them lived under the same roof as Benedict’s family every day, and they were strong and powerful, so it would be much easier for them to climb up and down than for themselves.

  So she hurriedly greeted the three of them and whispered her plan in detail to them.

  After hearing Elaine’s plan, they all felt that it was very feasible, so Guifen patted her chest and said, “Elaine, don’t worry, leave it to the three of us, we will definitely do it according to what you said.”

  After saying that, she added, “But you must also promise us that after we have done what you want, you must also bring down Benedict as you have said!”

  Elaine said without thinking, “Guifen, don’t worry about that, no one in the world is more eager for her to fall than me, I will definitely do my best to bring her down!”

  Guifen nodded in satisfaction and then said, “Then we will go back and start working on it now, we will inform you of any progress at the first time.

  Elaine hurriedly said with an enthusiastic face, “Aigoo Guifen, let’s add a WeChat directly, we are all neighbours, we won’t see each other in the future, it’s convenient to add a WeChat!”

  Guifen frowned and said with some caution, “It’s not necessary to add WeChat, I have a phone number, so I can call whenever I have a situation.”

  I don’t know what she told you at the time, but I guess she must have said that my daughter-in-law was not filial to her mother-in-law, that I had moved out of the villa and wouldn’t let her live in it, and that I was not a good mother-in-law. I also had to say that I kicked her out of the house and called the police to arrest her and put her in jail, didn’t I?”

  Guifen subconsciously nodded her head.

  When she was in prison, Mrs. Wilson had indeed accused Elaine of many crimes, but the core of her accusations were the three points Elaine herself had mentioned.

  Elaine gave a bitter smile and sighed, “Ai! I know that you are a filial daughter and you can’t stand to see people not being filial to their parents and in-laws, but have you ever thought about what a good person she is, old lady Wilson? Have you ever thought about the fact that you helped this old woman so much in prison? She just sees you as a pawn to be used, using your kindness to achieve her goal of fighting against me, but she fundamentally despises you.

  Elaine’s words hit the heart of Guifen’s wound.

  When Elaine saw that her expression was not right, she continued to strike while the iron was hot, “So now you think about it again, how can I be filial to such an old woman? If I let her live in our house, it won’t be long before she turns around and kicks me out!”

  After hearing this, Guifen also felt that Elaine had a point.

  After getting along with Old Lady Wilson, she also realized that this old lady was not an easy person to live with, nor was she a good man or woman.

  In this way, when Guifen looked at Elaine in front of her, she suddenly realised that her face was not so repulsive anymore.

  When she thought of how she had been deceived and used by that old woman in prison, she felt even more resentful, so she naturally saw Elaine as her ally.

  So she took out her mobile phone and said to Elaine, “Come on Elaine, let’s add a WeChat friend.”

  Elaine was naturally flattered and said, “Fine, fine, I’ll sweep you up!”

  Guifen said to her two sisters, “Let’s add Elaine as a friend too, so that we can communicate more easily in the future.”

  Elaine said without thinking, “That’s great, I’ll start a group right away and add all four of us to it, so that we can communicate with each other in the future if anything happens.”