Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5288

  She handed the bowl she was holding to the camera and said, “Thanks to the company that provides this nutritious rice paste, they knew about my family’s difficulties and sent us a batch of nutritious rice paste, and since my husband ate this rice paste, he has recovered a lot.”

  Christopher’s mouth was open and he even raised his neck to reach the rice spoon in her hand.

  Benedict hurriedly fed a spoonful into his mouth and continued, “There are five flavours of this nutritious rice paste, which can be eaten with just one flush of boiling water. The company’s products are available in 12 packs, normally sold in the market for 108, now in Yanzi live, Yanzi to the family to get the benefits of 99 yuan two boxes, a total of 24 packs, in addition to send a box of 6 packs of travel set, that is 99 yuan can buy 30 packs, very cost-effective!

  Said, Benedict continued: “Because this price is too cheap, manufacturers are not willing to give too much stock, Yanzi here a total of only 20,000 single, buy out no more replenishment orders family members, so please also need everyone to seize the time, come, let’s get on the car now!”

  Guifen looked at the video dressed in rags Benedict, as well as that ragged room and furniture, surprised, “This …… this is too f*cking fake! That room of theirs was luxurious before, how did it get like this?”

  ”On purpose!” Elaine said without thinking, “This b*tch is now telling the public that she is supporting a paralyzed husband, a paralyzed son and an 80 year old mother-in-law by herself on live streaming. She earns tens of thousands of dollars a day from live streaming!”

  Guifen’s fists clenched in anger and she gritted her teeth, “How shameless! She has hands and feet, she can earn money by hard work, just like us! But she’s doing this kind of scam on the internet, this kind of person should be shot!”

  ”Yes, yes, yes!” Elaine seemed to have found her soulmate and agreed, “Shooting her is too cheap, I say she should be executed!”

  Guifen was surprised and asked, “What does it mean?”

  Elaine said, “It means to let the dogs bite her to death! Then the dogs will eat her and turn her into sh*t!”

  Guifen’s expression flinched, not realising that Elaine was much more ruthless than herself.

  Seeing that the mood was in place, Elaine hurriedly came up and said, “Guifen, let me tell you, I have a good plan now, as long as this plan is carried out, it will definitely make Benedict lose her reputation and bring the family back to their original form!”

  As she said that, she looked at her crippled leg and sighed, “Ai! Unfortunately, my leg was broken by Old Lady Wilson and that Wendy when I was in prison, and it has fallen ill, and I’m not too sharp now.

   The three of us will help you carry it out. The four of us will join forces to deal with Benedict, that broken shoe!”

  Elaine was waiting for these words, so she hurriedly asked in surprise, “Guifen, is it true what you said? Are you really willing to help me?”

  Guifen said coldly, “I have long been displeased with Old Lady Wilson’s family! The enemy of an enemy is a friend, so we are also considered comrades in arms!”

  Elaine said excitedly, “That’s great! With the three of you joining us, we will be able to successfully complete this plan and ensure that Benedict will return to her former life overnight!”

  Guifen said without hesitation, “No problem! Just say it!”