Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5286

  Elaine looked back at Guifen, who was a big, thick woman, with her two sisters, Yuling and Yueqin, by her side.

  At this moment, Yuling was also looking at Elaine with an angry face and asked in a cold voice, “Elaine! What are you thinking about here?”

  Yueqin echoed her words, “Yes! Speak up! Or I’ll kill you!”

  Elaine was scared out of her wits and her first thought was to run.

  But when she thought that she was still limping, she couldn’t outrun the three of them in any case.

  But if she shouted for her son-in-law to save her, she might alert Benedict, who was on the air upstairs.

  If Benedict knew that she was sneaking around the villa, she might be able to guess her intentions, and if she started to watch out for herself, wouldn’t she have no chance to take her down?

  At this point, Elaine’s mind was racing and her eyes were spinning.

  When Guifen saw that she was looking at her with furtive eyes and did not say anything for half a day, she immediately grabbed her by the collar and gave her a big slap with her hand, saying angrily, “I’m tired of seeing you, get lost!”

  Elaine was angry and scared after the slap, but when she saw that all three of them were wearing the same t-shirt with the logo of the same cleaning company on their chests, and they all looked tired, she had a bright idea and said, “Gui Fen, Gui Fen, listen to me, you were kind to her at first, and now Wilson The old lady’s family has become so rich overnight that they can feed and clothe the three of you with a little bit of money from their mouths.

  When Guifen heard these words, she was stunned.

  It had to be said that Elaine’s words had hit her in the heart.

  When the three of them were released from prison together and received by the Webb family’s limousine all the way to this top villa in Aurous Hill, they all thought that it was the work of Old Mrs. Wilson, and were extremely grateful to her.

  But who would have thought that when she saw them, Mrs. Wilson would be so disgusted that she would even speak ill of them, and would immediately throw the three of them out of the house.

  At that moment, Guifen’s heart was particularly hard.

  When she found out that the house was not owned by the Wilson family and that the three of them could live here, she was no longer polite to the Wilson family.

  For a long time, Wilson’s family had always been overshadowed by them. Not only were they not as well fed and housed as they were, but they were also subservient to the three of them at home, fearing a beating.

  Although the three of them were not very capable, they worked hard at their jobs as housekeepers and their quality of life was a*sured.

  Christopher and Harold, the two invalids, could not even afford to eat in bed, not to mention taking medicine, and the old lady was often so hungry that she had to stick her chest to her back.

  Later on, Wendy went out to work as a courtesan, and she was cheated by others. The meagre salary she earned was not enough for the family.

  But suddenly, from one day onwards, Wendy made more money and the family’s standard of living rose rapidly, leaving the three of them behind very quickly.

  If that was all, Guifen would not have been too far behind, but the key was that these days, somehow, Wilson’s family was getting richer and richer, especially Benedict, who had bought a Mercedes Benz worth two to three million dollars, making Guifen envious of them.

  She couldn’t understand why Wilson’s family, who were already so down and out, could still rise up again, and rise so high!

  When she thought of this, Guifen was even more annoyed and her back teeth were clenched.

  Elaine accurately caught her change and immediately knew that she had hit a sore spot in her heart.

  So, she immediately lowered her voice and said incomparably serious: “Let me tell you, Guifen, the reason why the Wilson family can turn over a new leaf is because of the shameless, shameless daughter-in-law of Old Lady Wilson, Benedict, who even conceived a child with a wild man outside last year!