Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5284

  When she arrived at the first house she had bought in Aurous Hill, Liu Manqiong suddenly had a feeling of stability.

  She opened the window of the viewing balcony and lay on the edge of her bed, looking at the night view along the Yangtze River and the slow-moving ships on the river, blowing the evening breeze coming from the river, and her mind was instantly opened up.

  The view from the top floor is excellent, and the fact that the house is on the side of a penthouse, so there is basically no noise disturbance from the neighbours, makes Liu Manqiong feel that it is good value for money.

  She was even tempted to stay in Aurous Hill for a few more days because of this.

  However, on second thought, she thought it would be better for her to leave Aurous Hill as soon as possible after she had signed a contract with Aurous Hill University, and she was thinking of telling Charlie wade that she had been hired by Aurous Hill University after she had officially started work.



  Right in the villa area of Townsend One, Elaine had finally survived the 72-hour blockade of the platform.

  When she put on heavy makeup and picked up her phone once again to start live streaming, her live stream, once again, encountered the same problem as three days ago, no one was watching.

  This time, although there were some netizens who entered the live stream by mistake and said some sarcastic and ironic words, but Elaine had the experience of being banned last time, and this time, she dared not chase after people and scold them.

  But not being able to fight back meant that he couldn’t get his anger out.

  After half an hour of live streaming, not a single follower had been added, but instead, he was infuriated by these offensive netizens.

  Depressed to the core, Elaine closed his live stream for a while, and then started to brush up on other people’s live streams, trying to learn from them how to broadcast and what to broadcast in order to have enough followers.

  After looking around, Elaine found that the popular non-strip live streams had a variety of live content, but each one had its own characteristics, such as live game playing, live outdoor activities, live some kind of talent, and even live teaching.

  Looking at them all, Elaine felt that she could not do any of them.

  The main reason for this is that she doesn’t have any talent at all, she can only sing, and she doesn’t sing very well, not enough to make people stop and listen.

  After pondering and pondering, Elaine still couldn’t find any breakthrough point, which made her feel a bit reticent.

  After swiping around the live stream on her phone, she couldn’t help but sigh, “Grandma, it looks like I’m not really cut out for this ……”

  While depressed, she couldn’t help but sigh: “It doesn’t matter if I can’t eat this bowl of rice, the key is not to let her Qian Hongyan eat so painfully! Seeing her eat and drink to her heart’s content is worse than losing a million dollars!”

  As she was depressed, she slipped her finger into another live broadcast room.

  There were more than 30,000 viewers in this live broadcast room, and the anchor was a middle-aged man who looked plain and ordinary, and this man was saying in an impa*sioned voice: “Family members, Brother Nick, I have always fought fakes with my life, and all the family members in the live broadcast room should know this. She is actually not at all a beautiful student, the name she is using now is not her real name, and her real education is actually a secondary school in a small city in the south, and she was expelled for fighting before she even graduated! Now when the number of viewers in the live stream reaches 50,000 and the number of likes reaches 3 million, I will immediately release the evidence!”

  Someone in the comment section immediately sent out a message, “This beautiful doctor, I have long suspected that something is not right with her, I asked her to do a basic calculus question in her live stream last time, and she actually pulled me out directly! Support Brother Nick to expose her!”

  Immediately, there was a large number of people posting various comments in the comment section, basically questioning the beautiful doctor that the male anchor was talking about.

  On top of that, there were a large number of pop-ups giving out gifts, looking dazzling and lively.

  When Elaine saw this, he instantly lit up and thought to himself, “Even if you fight fakes, you can get fans live? Then I might as well fight fake Benedict!”