Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5282

  This flat is not that big, more than two hundred square feet, there are four bedrooms, one of which has been decorated as a study, in addition to that, there is also a flower hall against the Yangtze River side, the developer has added exercise equipment to it, which is considered a rather petty fitness area, and the living room, because of the floor-to-ceiling windows on the front wall, can see the river view when sitting on the sofa.

  To a wealthy second generation like Liu Manqiong, who is used to seeing luxury homes, this house is nothing compared to a real penthouse flat.

  The Liu family’s flat in the Central area of Hong Kong Island has an actual usable area of over a thousand square metres and is located on the top floor of the Liu family’s skyscraper.

  It appears to be a commercial property of every inch of land, but the Lau family has used the best floor for private use. In the kind of location where a workstation costs several thousand tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars a month, the feeling of a single living room of almost two hundred square metres is something that the average person simply cannot imagine.

  For the truly wealthy, they also simply do not care to buy residential properties developed by property developers like Thomson One, preferring to play unrestrictedly in their own properties without any restrictions.

  Therefore, Liu Manqiong could not say whether she liked or disliked this house, except that the location, the traffic, the type of house and the floor level all met her current needs better.

  After looking at it roughly once, Liu Manqiong said to Sister Xian, “Sister Xian, the decoration and space arrangement of this house is quite reasonable, the study and fitness area are already there, I live by myself, and there doesn’t seem to be anything that needs to be changed.”

  Sister Xian nodded and asked her again, “What about the furniture? Are you still satisfied?”

  ”It’s quite good.” Liu Manqiong smiled slightly and said, “It’s basically ready to move in with a bag.”

  Saying that, Liu Manqiong added to her, “Sister Xian, it’s hard for you to take me shopping for some household items and a change of underwear later on, I want to stay here tonight.”

  Sister Xian asked tentatively, “Miss Liu, why don’t you stay at the Purple Mountain Villa tonight, there are plenty of rooms there ……”

  Liu Manqiong shook her head slightly and said, “Grandpa and Grandma Qiu are old, I’d rather not bother them, I’ll stay here for one night today and then go back to Hong Kong Island tomorrow after signing the contract.”

  Sister Xian spoke up, “Actually, both Mr. and Mrs. Qiu like you very much, they must be very happy if you can go over to keep them company.”

  Liu Manqiong pondered for a moment and spoke, “Let’s do it this way, first pay the final payment and take the keys, then buy some household items and bring them over, in the evening I’ll go and have dinner with Grandpa Qiu and chat with them after dinner, and I’ll come back when they’ve rested.”

  Saying that, Liu Manqiong turned her head to look out of the window at the river again and spoke, “I haven’t stayed by the river for a while, I really want to see the night view here at night.”

  ”Good.” Sister Xian nodded understandingly and said, “Then I’ll go with you to buy some things first, and we’ll go back after we’ve set up.”

  ”Thank you Sister Xian ……”

  Meanwhile, downstairs, Tanaka Koichi took his mobile phone and made a video of the whole house and sent it to Ito Nanaeko who was packing her luggage in Kyoto, followed by a voice message and said with some shame, “Sorry Miss, I really couldn’t find a villa to your liking these days, are you still satisfied with this flat? “

  Ito said with a smile, “It looks fine, let’s go with this one, it’s really hard for Tanaka-san to look around in such a short time.”