Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5281

After paying the one million intention deposit, Koichi Tanaka followed that female salesperson and took a car to the first floor.

  Liu Manqiong, on the other hand, had by now gone one step ahead of him and arrived at the flat on the top floor with Sister Xian.

  Sister Xian followed Liu Manqiong, still feeling ashamed of her overconfidence just now, she could not help but speak up, “Miss Liu, fortunately you have the foresight not to listen to my second-hand advice just now and pay the intention deposit in advance, otherwise, this house would have been bought by that person just now …… “

  I’m not really far-sighted, I’m just relatively cautious, maybe ninety-nine times out of a hundred, but in my opinion, it’s worth it if even one of them actually comes in handy.”

  Sister Xian nodded gently, her expression seemingly calm, but her heart was extraordinarily awed.

  Having been a housekeeper for a long time, she was also a cautious person overall, but not as cautious as Liu Manqiong.

  She felt that a cautious style of acting should be slowly cultivated later in life. With Liu Manqiong being so young and having such a privileged family background, such a top wealthy second generation simply did not have the soil to cultivate a cautious style.

  There is no pressure from people or things in their lives, there is just the ability to do as they please.

  This is why many of them are impulsive, reckless and do not even think.

  This is because they have always lived in an environment where everyone compliments them and praises them, giving them the illusion that they are very capable and that they are good at everything they do.

  Some of them even think that all they need to do is to create a random internet platform and they will have tens of millions or hundreds of millions of users, and they will be able to incubate top companies with tens of billions of market capitalisation, easily surpa*sing the lifelong efforts of their fathers.

  However, Liu Manqiong gave Sister Xian the feeling that she was never that confident, even if she was only here to interview a lecturer at Aurous Hill University, she was still not sure she would be able to get the offer on the way here.

  She wondered what kind of environment the Liu family had given Liu Manqiong to develop such a cautious style of action.

  But she did not know that the reason why Liu Manqiong’s style of acting was so cautious was entirely due to her mother.

  Back then, her mother’s father’s philandering, moody all the time, and neglecting her health because she was pregnant with her sister, was the reason she eventually let the cancer develop to the point where money could do nothing to undo it.

  Obviously having a family of ten thousand dollars, obviously having mastered the top resources in the world, but her mother still did not survive.

  This was a hurdle in Liu Manqiong’s heart that she could never overcome.

  Since then, Liu Manqiong has developed the character to be as cautious as possible in all matters.

  At this moment, Liu Manqiong looked at the rolling river not far away and thought of her own mother.

  She remembered her mother’s favourite spot on the hilltop when she was young, overlooking Hong Kong Island at night, overlooking Victoria Harbour with its jagged waves and boats pa*sing by.

  It made her a little impatient to be here, to see the Yangtze River at night.

  When Sister Xian saw that she didn’t even look at the house once she came in, but stood in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling windows looking at the river view, she couldn’t help but remind her, “Miss Liu, would you like to have a general look at the layout of the house, and if there’s anything you’re not satisfied with, or anything you want to adjust, I can do it for you.”

  ”Oh, good ……” Liu Manqiong then came back to her senses and, together with Sister Xian, went through the whole house.