Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5280

  Faced with such a woman, what would be the point of offering a premium price of $10 million, apart from being a pain in the a*s? Even if he offered 30 million or 50 million, she would not be able to take it into account, and he would end up looking like a clown who would not let go.

  Helplessly, he could only sigh and said apologetically, “Sorry this lady, it was my presumption, please don’t take it to heart.”

  Liu Manqiong did not say anything, but only nodded slightly, and then reminded that supervisor once again, “Can we go to see the room?”

  That supervisor hurriedly said, “Yes, it’s fine, this way please.”

    Liu Manqiong left, Tanaka Koichi stood there helplessly, he didn’t know for a moment whether he should stay in this real estate, look at other types of houses, or simply leave here and change to another real estate to study.

  Just then, the female salesperson who received him, suddenly remembered something and hurriedly said, “This gentleman, doesn’t your lady like quiet? Now we don’t have a top floor to choose from in this property, but you can choose the downstairs of that lady just now!”

  She said, “Look, that young lady is so young, so rich, she has a housekeeper with her, and she doesn’t have a wedding ring on her hand.

  ”If a rich girl who is not married buys her own house, the chances are that she will live there herself!”

  ”Think about it, a house with a usable area of two hundred and fifty-six square feet, she is the only one living there, and your young lady lives downstairs, so there is a high probability that she won’t be bothered!”

  ”Even if the young lady is jumping rope in her room later, as long as she doesn’t happen to be downstairs in the room she’s jumping rope in, she won’t be disturbed!”

  ”I’ve been selling houses in this development for so long, everyone who buys our usual house type is basically a big family, even if it’s a young person who comes to buy a house, you are at least a family of three, some are a family of four, haven’t met any owner who only lives with a couple, and you think about it, families with children, no matter how careful you are, it’s impossible to not make noise at all, so I I can guarantee you that no house left in the whole district can be quieter than the one downstairs from her.

  Koichi Tanaka thought to himself, “This woman is right! That lady just now, at a glance that temperament is a very well-off lady, she bought this house is likely to live alone, then it is indeed unlikely to disturb the downstairs, buy such a large house to live alone is also very difficult to meet, I am afraid that now there is no more suitable than her downstairs set ……”

  ”And …… the time now is already four or five o’clock in the afternoon, if I don’t hurry to make a decision, I’m afraid there won’t even be time for me to go to the next property for another look!”

  The first time I thought of this, Tanaka Hiroshi gritted his teeth and said, “Good! Then I’ll take this one! I’ll do the same as the lady just now, I’ll pay the one million intention deposit first, then you can show me the house, I’ll take some videos and photos for our lady to look over, as long as she doesn’t object, I’ll come back and pay the money immediately.”

  The salesperson didn’t expect that her words had really moved the other party, and she was overwhelmed with excitement, for such a $30 million flat, because it wasn’t selling very well, the commission for the sale was two percentage points, and if it was sold, the salesperson would get a commission bonus of almost $700,000!

  As soon as she thought of this, she said excitedly, “Yes sir, then please come with me to pay an intention deposit first, and then I will show you the property immediately!”