Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5279

At this point, the sales supervisor at the sales office, as well as a number of sales, had all looked completely dumbfounded.

  It was not that they had never seen the gods fight before, when the villas were first opened, there were indeed some customers who started to scramble for the properties right on the spot.

  It’s just that the scramble often developed into anger and fights.

  The girls had never encountered anything like Koichi Tanaka, who asked for an extra million at the first time of asking.

  And at this time, they did not expect that Liu Manqiong would be able to refuse so simply.

  In their opinion, it was a million dollars, and it cost them nothing, a million dollars for nothing.

  To come out to see a house, spend 10 minutes, pay the deposit and then earn a million dollars.

  But in Liu Manqiong’s eyes, even if two zeros were added to the end, not to mention 1 million, she would not be interested.

  Naturally, Liu Manqiong was not short of money, so there was no way she would change her decision just for this one million.

  And Koichi Tanaka, as the most trusted household servant of the entire Ito family, had enough authority to make such a premium offer for his master.

  But seeing that Liu Manqiong was unmoved, Tanaka Koichi continued without thinking, “Miss, I don’t mean to show off my wealth with you, I just really want to buy this house very much, so I will offer you another price, and if you agree to transfer this house to me, I am willing to pay you an extra 5 million!”

  When these words came out, the salesmen on the floor were even more shocked.

  They had seen people making money, but they had never seen anyone making so much money.

  They had also seen people speculating in real estate, but they had never seen such a speculator.

  When people make money from property speculation, they have to invest their capital and buy the house, and then keep it in their hands for a few months or even a year or two.

  But now, this suite in front of them, just by speculating in the pot for 10 minutes, can earn 5 million, it is like a dream.

  Just when they felt that there was simply no reason for Liu Manqiong to reject this offer, Liu Manqiong said with some displeasure, “This gentleman I have already told you clearly, I have already ordered this house and am not going to transfer it out, so you don’t need to waste more words, instead of doing so, you should seize the time to look at other houses again. “

  After that, she said to the sales supervisor, “Hello, please take us to see the house.”

  Koichi Tanaka blurted out, “Ten million dollars! This lady, I am willing to pay 10 million for the transfer!”

  The crowd of sales almost fainted.

  It was really a fight of the gods. When ordinary people fight, the moves they make are punches and kicks, when the gods fight, the moves they make are one million, five million and ten million.

  At this point, Liu Manqiong remained unmoved in the slightest as she turned to look at Tanaka Koichi and said seriously, “Sir, the reason I didn’t get angry with you was because I thought you were still speaking sincerely and were more of a gentleman, but if you continue to pester me like this, then I probably won’t be able to communicate with you in the friendly manner I am now.”

  At this moment, Tanaka Koichi understood.

  The young woman in front of him must also be a young lady who was not at all short of money and did not take it into account at all.

  It was estimated that her fortune and a*sets were not even much worse than those of his own young lady.