Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5278

  As soon as she finished speaking, the door of the VIP room opened.

  Liu Manqiong, who had paid the deposit and simply signed the agreement of intent, walked out together with Sister Xian and the sales supervisor.

  When the sales supervisor saw the female salesperson who received Koichi Tanaka, she spoke, “Sweetie, ask the concierge to prepare the vehicle, I want to take these two VIPs to the first floor to see the property.”

  The saleswoman nodded gently, looked at Koichi Tanaka and wanted to say something to her supervisor, but swallowed her words back when she thought of Liu Manqiong right in front of her.

  She was just about to call the concierge when Tanaka Koichi saw Liu Manqiong and took the initiative to greet her, saying, “Hello, Miss, are you interested in buying the flat on the top floor?”

  Liu Manqiong looked at the other party with some surprise and caution, frowned and asked, “What is it? Is there something wrong?”

  Tanaka Koichi hurriedly explained, “Miss, I also want to buy the house you’re interested in, and I’m not going to lie, I’m quite urgent, if you’re willing to let me have this house, I’m willing to pay you a million dollars for the transfer!”

  As soon as Tanaka Koichi’s words came out, not only Liu Manqiong, but also Sister Xian and the sales executive at the side froze.

  The three of them had gone in to pay the deposit and sign, and it had only taken them a few minutes or even less than ten minutes.

  They did not expect that another person would come along to buy the same house.

  The other party’s intention was so strong that they were willing to pay Liu Manqiong a million dollars directly for the transfer!

  While Sister Xian was surprised in her heart, she was also secretly afraid.

  She herself had just made the same mistake as that sales executive, both thinking that there would be basically no variables in this matter, and that even if she came back to pay after seeing the house to make sure everything was okay, there would be no risk.

  This is called empiricism.

  I always think that in my own experience, if one or two people come to see a luxury property like this every day, I’m already lucky.

  Among those who are willing to buy, not even one tenth of them can really come up with the money to buy the house, so the probability is so slim that such a house will not be sold in a few months.

  It just so happened that Liu Manqiong appeared at this time. He is the only closing type client that only appears for those few months.

  From the perspective of the probability model, since one had already come out, it would take at least a few more months for the next one to come out.

  So this house, in their opinion, was also not at all likely to suddenly sell in a matter of minutes.

  But never did they expect that the smack in the face would come so quickly, and a few minutes later, someone wanted to buy the house.

  It was also fortunate that Liu Manqiong had a cautious character and was not willing to take any risks, which is why she took the initiative to ask for an intention deposit first.

  If not, I am afraid that when they came back from viewing the house and were thinking of buying it, they would have found out that the house had already been sold, and by then it would have been too late to beat their chests.

  At this moment, Liu Manqiong, frowning at Tanaka Koichi, said decisively, “Meaning this gentleman this house I am not prepared to change hands.”

  When Tanaka Koichi heard this, his heart had already cooled halfway, but reluctantly she continued to ask a question, “Miss, have you already decided to buy this house? I mean, if you still have even 1% uncertainty, then you might as well let me have this house first, and then you can take the one million transfer money and go and look at other properties, and maybe you can come across something you like better.”

  Liu Manqiong shook her head in a firm manner, “Sorry, I’m already sure, I’ll come over later and sign the contract, you can look at the others!”