Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5276

  With this in mind, she said politely, “Hello, sir, the main focus here is on villas and flat roofs, and all the house types are personally designed by famous Italian designers, and all the decoration materials are imported from Italy, all the household appliances are imported from Germany, and the furniture is imported from both France and Italy. The furniture is imported from both France and Italy, and the brands used are all super first-tier brands, so you can basically move in with a bag.”

  The middle-aged man then asked, “Can Japanese people buy it? Do you have any restriction policy?”

  The middle-aged man who spoke was Koichi Tanaka, Yohiko Ito’s loyal servant.

  He had come to Aurous Hill early on the orders of Nanaeko Ito, in order to buy a mansion in Aurous Hill for Nanaeko first.

  However, in the past few days, he had visited many villa areas and looked at many villas for sale, and the hardware of the villas were far from what Nana-chan wanted.

  For Nahoko, she likes the deep houses of the Japanese aristocracy, not to mention the small amount of land and people in Japan, but the deep houses of the Japanese aristocracy are all surprisingly large and could not be bigger than the royal residences in Eastcliff.

  However, such houses have long since disappeared from modern China, and there are only a few preserved royal residences in Eastcliff.

  And even if you could find such large houses, most of them are in a state of disrepair, and some of the oversized villas are decorated in an ostentatious European style, which may seem opulent to the rich, but to Nanaiko Ito, such gilded decoration is simply incestuous, as if all the details are used to emphasise one central point, that is, I am rich!

  So, after a long look around, Hiroshi Tanaka couldn’t find a house that would satisfy Nana-chan.

  But today is the 4th of August.

  If he couldn’t find a suitable apartment, she and Ito Yohiko would have to stay in a hotel when they arrived.

  If that happened, the few days that Koichi Tanaka had come in advance would have been a complete waste of time.

  Although he knew that Charlie wade lived in this neighbourhood, his own lady’s intention was not to live too close to him, but there was really no other good choice at the moment.

  The salesman replied at this point, “For foreigners, you need a year’s proof of residence in China, but if you are buying from a company there is no such restriction.”

  Koichi Tanaka nodded and said to the salesman, “Then show me the villa! Ask for the biggest house type!”

  The salesman said with an apologetic face, “Sorry sir, all our villas are sold out now, the only ones left at the moment are flat floor plans.”

  ”Sold out?!” Koichi Tanaka asked, chagrined, “Not a single extra set left? Or do you have any owners who are reselling out right now?”

  The salesman explained, “There are really no more sir, there are still very many customers who want to buy our villas, but none of our owners are interested in reselling at the moment, so if you are willing to wait you can wait a little longer and I can inform you first if there is any news.”

  Koichi Tanaka thought for a moment and spoke, “Forget it, I can’t wait that long, you might as well introduce me to your largest flat floor type!”

  The salesperson nodded, pointed to the building facing the river and said to Tanaka Koichi, “Sir, this is our king of the building, with a great view of the river and the largest floor plan.”

  Knowing that his lady liked peace and quiet, Tanaka Koichi asked without thinking, “Is the top floor still available?”

  After hearing this, the salesman was stunned and wondered in his heart, “This house was actually retired a long time ago and had been vacant for so long without anyone asking for it, so why is it suddenly so sought-after now?

  However, thinking that a customer had already paid the intention deposit just now, she could only regretfully say, “Sorry sir, the last top floor, a customer has just gone to pay the intention deposit.”

  Without thinking, Koichi Tanaka said, “She has only paid the intention deposit, can I pay the full amount now?”

  The salesman said helplessly, “No sir, she has paid the intention deposit, she has the right of first refusal, if you want to buy it, it depends on whether she wants it at the end ……”