Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5275

It was the first time the sales lady had seen such a house and decided to buy it without even looking at it.

  What’s more, this is also a house that costs more than $30 million, and anyone who comes to buy such an expensive house will certainly have to look at the details on site very carefully and compare and consider them before making up their mind.

  However, for Liu Manqiong, she did not have much energy to choose and compare houses, and although she had not seen the house on site, she was very satisfied with the location and transportation, plus the house was large enough and there was nothing hard about the house type, so she just went to see the details of the decoration.

  But Liu Manqiong also knows very well that since this is already the best property in Jinling, if she can’t look at this place, she can’t look at other places, so why waste time and make comparisons? It is possible that you will lose out if you buy directly, but it is certainly the best option at the moment. Funky Court

  The sales lady couldn’t help but say, “Miss, why don’t I take you to have a look at it on the ground …… after all it’s over thirty million ……”

  The other side of Sister Xian also spoke up, “Yes Miss Liu, you’ve come, it’s better to take a look, if there’s anything else you want to adjust in the layout and details, you’ll have a general direction after you’ve seen it, and if you need to find interior decoration, I can help you get in touch.”

  Liu Manqiong said, “I like the top floor the most, the sales said there was only one set left, so I was worried if it would be preempted ……”

  Sister Xian smiled and said, “Don’t worry Miss Liu, the houses here are not in such short supply ……”

  The sales lady herself said, “Yes Miss, we have quite a few people looking at this house, but it is true that the unit price is too high and to be honest it is not that good to offer, let’s go and have a look, it will only take ten or twenty minutes, after you have seen it to be sure that there are no problems and that you will not regret it, we can come back and sign the contract and pay the deposit.”

  Liu Manqiong shook her head and said firmly, “Even if it’s not so good for sale, it’s only this one set, and even if there’s only a 1% chance of it being snatched up, that’s still a risk.”

  Saying that, she asked the salesman, “How much do I need to pay if I book this house first now, I can book it first and then go with you to see it afterwards.”

  ”This ah ……,” the salesman saw her insistence, so he hurriedly said, “If you are convenient for money now, then directly pay 1 million intention deposit can completely lock the property, so that it is 100% sure that this suite others can not buy It’s 100% certain that no one else will buy it.”

  She said, “However, if you lock in the property but don’t buy it, we will deduct 10% of the deposit, is that acceptable to you?”

  ”No problem.” Liu Manqiong said without a second thought, “Swipe your card now!”

  The salesperson was overjoyed and hurriedly pointed to the VIP room and said, “This way, please, Miss!”

  Liu Manqiong followed the salesperson to the VIP room and just as the door closed, a middle-aged man wearing a mask stepped in.

  Another salesperson immediately stepped forward and said respectfully, “Hello, sir, are you looking for a room?”

  The other man nodded and asked, “I’ve heard that you are the best property in Jinling, are there any properties that you can move into immediately? The bigger the house, the better!”

  The salesman was surprised to hear this and wondered, “Has the God of Wealth blown in today? How come there are only such customers who seem to have no shortage of money?”