Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5274

  It is because of such an awkward positioning that the villas in Townsend One were almost empty in seconds after the opening, but these flat floors have been sold until now.

  But the good thing is that Liu Manqiong doesn’t care about that.

  She just wants to find a suitable house near her school to be her boudoir.

  Her requirements for the house were convenient transportation, good environment, good decoration, relatively high-end positioning of the property, and a less noisy as well as low-quality human environment, so that she could live as a girl with less worries.

  When she arrived at the Townsend One sales office in just ten minutes in her Rolls Royce, she had already made up her mind that she would buy this neighbourhood.

  She knew without looking that if she couldn’t get into this neighbourhood, there would be nothing near the school that she could look at.

  Although she had quite a few requirements for a house, the convenience of transportation was indeed a very, very important aspect.

  When we arrived at the sales office, Sister Xian was naturally with us all the way.

  The place was much cooler at this point compared to the hot scene when it first opened.

  When the sales lady saw a Rolls Royce parked at the roadside, she was already in high spirits. When the two of them stepped out of the Rolls Royce and made their way to the sales office, the sales supervisor personally stepped in and warmly opened the door for the two of them, saying respectfully, “Welcome to Townsend One, do you need me to introduce you to the details of our project? “

  Liu Manqiong nodded, then glanced at the large and exquisite sand table in the middle of the sales office, pointed to the row of high-rise buildings nearest to the river, and asked, “Are there still rooms in this one?”

  The sales supervisor immediately said, “Yes! This one is the king of our flat floors, with a very good view, and with our huge floor-to-ceiling windows, you can enjoy the first-line river view!”

  Liu Manqiong asked her, “Can you introduce the floor plan?”

  The sales supervisor said, “Miss, the floor plan of the King is the largest in our area, with a floor area of 240 square meters, two and a half complimentary balconies and a complimentary equipment room, the balconies have a total area of over 80 square meters. The two items add up to a gift of more than fifty and nearly sixty square meters of usable area, so that the actual usable area is more than two hundred and fifty square meters.”

  Liu Manqiong said with some confusion, “Two hundred and forty plus sixty, how does it equal more than two hundred and fifty?”

  The sales supervisor said in surprise, “To remove the public stall area, ah, we have a public stall of almost 20% here, which is already considered very low inside the high-rise district.”

  ”Public share?” Liu Manqiong was also surprised, she had lived in a villa since she was a child and had never bought her own house or flat, plus she had been concentrating on her studies, so she really didn’t know much about these real estate concepts, moreover, although the common area was a great invention of the first good of Hong Kong Island, the island had abolished this concept ten years ago.

  It was only after Sister Xian pulled Liu Manqiong aside and whispered for a while that she understood that this concept was first introduced on Hong Kong Island.

  Still, two hundred and fifty-odd square feet was perfectly adequate for a girl like her, even if it was a little too big.

  So she asked the salesperson, “Is this the only type of apartment on the riverfront? Is there a smaller one?”

  The sales supervisor said truthfully, “This is the only type of house in the building, it is a one-staircase, lift entry, if you don’t mind the view, you can take a look at the building behind, there are one hundred and eighty square metres of house types in that building.”

  Liu Manqiong looked at the approximate location and shook her head, “Forget it, let’s take a look at this one, is there any more on the top floor?”

  The salesperson nodded: “Yes, there is a property on the top floor that was retired some time ago. He had paid a deposit of one million, but the loan had not come through, so it was retired.”

  Without thinking, Liu Manqiong said, “Good, I’ll take this one then.”