Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5273

When Liu Manqiong, who was confirmed to be employed, left Golden University, she padded and trotted along.

  It was a surprise to everyone that such an intellectual and cool-faced beauty was bouncing along the road like a child, a huge contrast.

  Liu Manqiong left Aurous Hill University, walked out a few hundred metres and turned a corner, on the roadside parking space, Sister Xian and the driver of the Rolls Royce were still waiting.

  When she saw Liu Manqiong, Sister Xian immediately got out of the car and smiled respectfully, “Miss Liu is so happy, it seems that the result of today’s interview must have made you very satisfied.”

  Liu Manqiong was overjoyed and said with a playful smile, “Sister Xian, on your good advice, I have pa*sed their interview and got the offer, they I will change my schedule and sign the official contract with them tomorrow morning, so that I can wait for my start in peace.”

  ”That’s really great!” Sister Xian was also very happy and said in a hurry, “Miss Liu has won today, we should celebrate whatever we say, I’ll talk to my husband on the phone and tell him the good news.”

  She then asked Liu Manqiong, “What would Miss Liu like to eat tonight? I’ll cook it myself tonight!”

  Liu Manqiong smiled and said, “Thank you, Sister Xian!”

  After saying that, she remembered something and said, “Right, Sister Xian, can you show me the room first? I want to buy the house today if it’s suitable, and this time I’ll try to finish all the things I need to do.”

  Sister Xian said without thinking, “No problem, let’s go over there now and I’ll take you to the sales office.”

  The Townsend One property in Aurous Hill was indeed very hot when it first opened, but more than a year has pa*sed and the property has not yet been completely cleared, although the villas have been snapped up, there are still some properties for sale on the flat floors.

  The reason for this is that the overall positioning and pricing of the development is relatively high, and it is a typical high-low mix community.

  If it were possible, the developer would prefer to make it a pure villa community, but in order to comply with the management’s requirements on plot ratio, it has to take out some of the land for high-rise residential development.

  The really rich people basically buy those expensive villas that start at tens of millions to over a hundred million, leaving these 10 million to 30 million plus bungalows, which are slightly more awkwardly positioned.

  Those who can come up with that kind of money to buy a house are not considered to be the top rich, but they are at least a middle cla*s person.

  The pride of the middle cla*s is actually very strong. In the mindset of most of them, they are also the elite cla*s of society, so naturally they would rather be the head of a chicken than the tail of a phoenix.

  When they buy a home, they prefer to buy a purely flat and less high-end neighbourhood, and then buy a large floor plan in it.

  What they are most reluctant to buy is this kind of high-low neighbourhood, where they are already tens of millions of dollars, but instead of getting any sense of achievement, they are pressured daily by the villa owners.

  If you live in a medium-sized community, a car with more than a million dollars is basically considered to be the best, but in a super high-end community like Townsend One, it is not an exaggeration to say that even the aunt who works in the villa and goes out to buy food every day may not be able to compete with it. The cars under three million are basically the kind of expensive nanny cars that come from the eastern islands, with a price tag of several hundred thousand dollars.

  In this kind of environment, I am afraid that if you drive a Mercedes S or a BMW 7 series, you will be embarra*sed to greet your neighbours.

  When Christopher Wilson’s family first came here to look at the house, Harold Wilson had made a very cla*sic remark, he felt that living inside this community was standing guard and blocking bullets for the rich people in the villa area inside.