Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5272

 Although the lady was the one in charge of the human resources department, the decision to hire or not was in the hands of one of the vice-principals.

  Seeing the words on the paper, the vice-principal wrote two words at the bottom without showing any emotion: “Agreed.”

  He then pushed the paper to the other interviewer, who wrote a quick “+1” after the word “agree”.

  The three men then relied on the notes to pa*s information to each other and make an unprecedented decision.

  At the end of the interview, the woman, who was about forty years old, stood up and said to Liu Manqiong with a smile, “Miss Liu, since your CV and conditions are very much in line with our positioning of young talents, so after the unanimous decision of the three of us, we can now give you a clear answer that you are hired!”

  Surprised, Liu Manqiong asked, “I don’t have to take a retest or written test?”

  The woman said with a smile, “No, although our normal recruitment process involves one side, two sides and a written test, only the one side is essential, the two sides and the written test can be adjusted according to the actual situation. If you are also sure that you are willing to stay at our school to teach, then please adjust your schedule and stay in Aurous Hill for one more day, and the three of us will go through the hiring process and prepare the signing documents today, so that we can officially sign the contract tomorrow morning.”

  After saying that, she looked at Liu Manqiong with an expectant face and asked, “What does Miss Liu think? Can we be sure even now, or should we go back and think about it again?”

  In fact, the three interviewers were even more nervous than Liu Manqiong.

  Almost all the double-cla*s universities in the Mainland were interested in talents like Liu Manqiong, and almost all of them had similar programmes for the introduction of young talents. With Liu Manqiong’s qualifications, interviewing for the position of ordinary lecturer was absolutely not difficult in any university in the Mainland, as long as it was a fair and impartial competition.

  They also didn’t know why Liu Manqiong, being from Hong Kong Island, had chosen to come to Aurous Hill to develop her career. They were worried that Liu Manqiong didn’t have any special feelings towards Aurous Hill and had just cast a wide net to all these schools, so if they didn’t make sure soon, maybe Liu Manqiong would sign up for another school tomorrow.

  Liu Manqiong did not know what the three of them were thinking, she originally thought that the interview would be a hurdle to overcome, but she did not expect to get an offer from the other side in one step, which was naturally the most ideal result for her, so she said without thinking, “I have no problem!”

  The three people on the other side also breathed a sigh of relief, and it was the woman who spoke up, “Since everyone is fine, then let’s sign here tomorrow morning at nine o’clock, I will prepare the contract in advance, Miss Liu can just bring the relevant documents with her when she arrives, and there is no need to prepare copies, we can make copies everywhere here.”

  ”Good!” Liu Manqiong said with a smile, “Thank you all for your approval, I will come over tomorrow morning on time.”

  The woman remembered something and said to her, “By the way Miss Liu, in view of your special situation, we can provide you with a teacher’s flat, I can show you around tomorrow and you can also have priority in selecting a room.”

  Liu Manqiong was going to say that she intended to buy a suite in Aurous Hill and would not take up the school’s resources.

  However, on second thought, the property prices in Aurous Hill were not cheap, and since she had just graduated and had to buy a house before she could officially work, she might look a bit too flashy to other people, so she might as well just accept the flat arranged by the school and then buy a suite herself quietly. I would like to buy a flat for myself.

  Thinking of this, she spoke up, “Thank you so much then!”