Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5269

“Windfall Debt ……”

  Hearing Lin Wan’er’s sentiment, Sun Zhidong suddenly remembered something and spoke, “Miss, I have the impression that the current head of the Ito family is also a girl, and should not be too far from Zara Banks’s age, called Ito Nana-chan.”

  ”A girl too?” Lin Wan’er couldn’t help but say in shock, “What’s wrong with these days? It’s all the rage for girls to be in charge? Or does she also have some story with Charlie wade?”

  Sun Zhidong said, “Oh yes, Miss, you asked me to investigate Charlie wade’s departure records, and I found out that he spent some time in Japan last year, and it was only after he went to Japan that Ito Nanaiko took over the family headship. Since then, he has retired to the background, leaving his daughter in charge of the big picture.”

  Saying that, Sun Zhidong added: “I remember that Tokyo was in turmoil at that time, and the son and daughter of Zayne Banks, the boss of the Banks family, were both kidnapped by a Japanese family; fortunately, the two escaped, and the Banks family sent a*sa*sins over to wipe out that culprit’s family in revenge.”

  ”Interesting ……” Lin Wan’er laughed, “As long as Charlie wade has been to the place, something is bound to happen, if I am correct, that Zara Banks was in danger in Japan, she should have been saved by Charlie wade, that’s why Charlie wade helped What Charlie wade wants may not be for the Banks family to cede the land and make reparations, but may also be for the Banks family to bow down and submit to him.”

  Saying that, Lin Wan’er added, “There is also the Ito family, maybe it is also because of Charlie wade that they managed to survive to the end in that chaos, maybe that Ito Nanaeko is also Charlie wade’s confidante, the whole Ito family is in her hands, if Charlie wade needs it, he can pour it all out at any time.”

  Sun Zhidong smiled, “Miss, you are a bit too high on this Charlie wade, you can’t be sure that if anything has something to do with Charlie wade, it must be Charlie wade who is behind it, right?”

  Lin Wan’er smiled slightly and asked him in return, “Charlie wade is obviously so capable, but most people don’t know about his existence, even his wife and his mother-in-law, who live with him every day, don’t know his true identity and strength, do you know why?”

  Sun Zhidong asked in confusion, “Miss, how do you know that his wife and mother-in-law don’t know his true identity?”

  Lin Wan’er smiled and asked him rhetorically, “His mother-in-law went to the temple to make a wish, do you know what the wish was?”

  Sun Zhidong said blankly, “I …… have no idea ……”

  Lin Wan’er said, “His mother-in-law made a wish to the Buddha that she could make a lot of money by live-streaming with goods, how much could she make by live-streaming with goods and then making money? One hundred million a year? A billion a year? I’m afraid the interest on Charlie wade’s a*sets thrown into the bank is much more than that, his mother-in-law is so short-sighted, do you think she would know what exactly Charlie wade’s status is?”

  Sun Zhidong exclaimed, “This …… isn’t too realistic …… are people who live together all day long, how could they not know Charlie wade’s true identity?”

  Lin Wan’er said indifferently, “Actually, they made a mistake just like you.”

  Sun Zhidong was busy asking, “What mistake? I also hope that Miss will be explicit ……”