Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5268

  Saying this, Lin Wan’er asked Sun Zhidong, “Could it be that the Banks family has very few sons?”

  Sun Zhidong busily said, “Back to Miss, on the contrary, the seven sons of the Banks family, whose names are Morality, Benevolence, Justice, Ritual, Wisdom and Faith, five of them are sons and two daughters, all in their prime, and as for the grandchildren, there are even more ……”

  ”Strange ……” Lin Wan’er frowned, “Since there are five sons, why is it necessary to pa*s the family headship directly to the eldest granddaughter? Not to mention the fact that the eldest granddaughter is a female, just to mention that he crossed over the children and directly chose the grandchildren to succeed him would easily cause dissatisfaction among the five sons, and even that Zara Banks’s own father would never willingly accept the fact that he was directly skipped over.”

  Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er added: “Back then, Ming Chengzu valued his imperial grandson Ming Xuanzong extremely, but even so, Chengzu did not directly pa*s on the throne to Xuanzong, but first pa*sed on the throne to Renzong for a transition, this Lord Banks, even if he really valued Zara Banks, should first pa*s on the throne to Zara Banks’s father, and then have her father pa*s on the throne to her, in this way, it would also solidify Zara Banks’s foundation, otherwise Otherwise, with a father, four uncles and two aunts on top, how could she, a girl, be able to hold down the throne? Even if Lord Banks is behind her at all times, it will be difficult for Zara Banks to truly control the Banks family.”

  Remembering something, Sun Zhidong spoke up, “Right Miss, after Lord Banks pa*sed the family headship to Zara Banks, the person has retired into seclusion and is said to have gone to Africa to enjoy life.”

  Lin Wan’er’s frown tightened: “He put Zara Banks on a blazing horse and retired without personally taking her for a ride and helping her tame the blazing horse? If he does this, even if Zara Banks is capable, there’s no way she can hold it down!”

  Sun Zhidong shrugged, “However, Zara Banks’s position as the head of the family is very stable, and after she took over, she has done a lot of big things, and her cooperation with the Ito family in Japan to set up the Isuzu Shipping Line is her handiwork.”

  Lin Wan’er said with a serious expression, “From a human point of view, if Zara Banks inherits the family headship, her father, her uncle and her aunt will not be able to obey her, and Lord Banks did not stay by her side to help her keep the situation under control, so it is reasonable to say that it is like a scale, with Zara Banks herself at one end and her seven elders at the other. The one that the scales are pressing down on is definitely her seven elders, and Zara Banks’s control over the family is bound to be nibbled away and hollowed out, but you say she’s sitting on all fours, so there’s only one possibility ……”

  The only way for her to be able to hold on to the control of the family is for her to be able to hold on to it.

  Sun Zhidong exclaimed, “Miss, judging from your analysis like this, that person must be Charlie wade!”

  ”Yes.” Lin Wan’er nodded and said, “This way, everything will be logical, Charlie wade conquered the Banks family on Mount Wade Ling, and even appointed the new head of the Banks family. “

  After saying this, Lin Wan’er could not help but exclaim, “In the battle at Wade Lingshan, Charlie wade clearly won, but he had to say to the public that he lost, and he had to say that it was a tragic defeat in which his family’s a*sets were lost by more than half, Charlie wade’s move was really too good!”

  Sun Zhidong said approvingly, “Since that day, many clans no longer have the Wade family in their sights, thinking that they have become the end of their strength, I had even lamented this for a long time, but now it seems that this should be Charlie wade’s intentional move!”

Lin Wan’er nodded and said, “Since it was Charlie wade who won on Wade Ling Mountain that day, the Banks Family and the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall will definitely have to bow down to Charlie wade, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall need not be mentioned, it is likely that they have already pledged their allegiance to Charlie wade by now, as for the Banks Family, if the head of the family is still Lord Banks, I am afraid that they will have to take out more than half of their family fortune to pray for Charlie wade’s high hand, but the Banks Family has changed a girl to be the head of the family ……”

  Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er couldn’t help but sigh and mutter, “Could it be another affair debt?”