Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5267

“Charlie wade has conquered the Banks Family and the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?!”

  Hearing this, Sun Zhidong’s entire body was shocked and said, “Miss …… this …… this is a bit exaggerated …… the Banks Family was already stronger than the The Wade family is stronger, and the strength of the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple cannot be measured in terms of money, they have tens of thousands of mercenaries under their command, and are now said to have invested in their own permanent base in the Middle East, how could such an organization be conquered by Charlie wade?”

  Lin Wan’er said indifferently, “Charlie wade’s strength is far from that of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, otherwise when the Banks Family and the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple went up to Wade Ling Mountain together, they would not have left any way for Charlie wade to live, although we do not know exactly what happened on Wade Ling Mountain that day, but we can see from the results that Charlie wade was not affected in any way, this is enough to prove that the Banks Family and the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple It was a complete failure.”

  After a pause, Lin Wan’er added, “As I said earlier, the enemy in Charlie wade’s eyes is the Broken Clear Society, he has an unbreakable grudge against the Broken Clear Society just like me, but he is much stronger than me, I am still hiding and exhausted in the pursuit of the Broken Clear Society, but he has already launched a real attack on the Broken Clear Society from the shadows, from this point alone, how could a mere Ten Thousand Dragons Hall How could he be stopped? If he wanted to, he could have just taken out the top man of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall on Wade Ling Mountain!”

  Sun Zhidong pondered for a moment and said with a frown, “In that case, the rumour that the Wade family has ceded half of its a*sets to the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall is actually a smokescreen released by the Wade family to the outside world!”

  Lin Wan’er nodded and said seriously, “To be exact, it should be a smoke bomb released to the outside world by Charlie wade!”

  After saying that, Lin Wan’er suddenly remembered something and asked the two people, “Right, after Wade Lingshan, has there been any special news or changes from the Banks Family and the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?”

  ”Changes?” The two looked at each other and Qiu Ying Shan spoke up, “I don’t know much about the Banks family, but I have heard about the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, their situation in Syria suddenly became very proactive, and they soon joined hands with the Isu Shipping Line to monopolize the armed escort in the Gulf of Aden, and they completely wiped out a pirate organization before, which immediately scared the pirates in the Gulf of Aden. , no pirates have dared to come near as long as the merchant ships under armed escort of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons.”

  Lin Wan’er nodded, “This transformation is not a pretty one, I think there should be a high level person behind it to guide you.”

  The other side of Sun Zhidong thought about it and spoke, “Strangely enough, after the news came out that day and the Banks family and the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall won a big victory on Wade Ling Mountain, the Banks family instead suddenly kept a much lower profile, some people said they were making a big fortune by muffling their voices, but I always felt that they had a very high profile before they fought on Wade Ling Mountain, there was no reason to make a big fortune by muffling their voices after they won, wouldn’t that be just like covering their ears and stealing the bell? It would be just like hiding a bell in your ear, wouldn’t it? So I’ve always been rather surprised by this, and then the Banks family soon underwent a change of headship, with the previous head of the family, Lord Banks, retiring into obscurity and pa*sing the headship on to his 24-year-old eldest granddaughter, Zara Banks.”

  ”Pa*sed on to the eldest granddaughter?” Lin Wan’er muttered with a puzzled expression, “Why should an inter-generational grandchild be chosen to succeed directly to the family headship? Shouldn’t a son be chosen to transition in the middle of this?”