Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5265

When Qiu Yingshan reported the information he found out to Lin Wan’er with a heart full of doubts, Lin Wan’er was not surprised at all.

  A trip to Hong Kong Island made Liu Manqiong come all the way to Aurous Hill, so a trip to other places will probably also take away the souls of one or two young girls. If we pick up Charlie wade’s travel track in the past few years, we might be able to pick up a whole bunch of infatuated women. “

  Qiu Yingshan smiled awkwardly and sighed, “I can only say that this kid has extraordinary charm, only that Manqiong likes him as a married man, I’m afraid that it will be difficult to fix him in the future ……”

  Lin Wan’er smiled faintly, remembered something, then asked Qiu Ying Shan, “Can you find out what identity and what exactly Charlie wade went to do when he went to Hong Kong Island to meet Liu Jiahui last time?”

  ”That’s good to do.” Qiu Ying Shan nodded and said, “I’ll just give Jia Hui a call and ask him about it.”

  ”No!” Lin Wan’er stopped him and spoke, “Since Liu Manqiong’s father knows Charlie wade, he must also know that the real purpose of his daughter’s visit to Aurous Hill this time is for Charlie wade, and he also knows that his daughter just had lunch with you, if you suddenly call him at this time and ask him about something related to Charlie wade, you will definitely arouse his suspicion, and afterwards, once he talks to Liu Manqiong Afterwards, he will then talk to Liu Manqiong, and we will not be able to explain our motives.”

  Qiu Ying Shan said with a chagrined expression, “I am foolish, I didn’t even consider the stakes carefully, I am really ashamed of myself ……”

  ”It’s alright.” Lin Wan’er said indifferently, “It’s also my fault for not making it clear to you, the premise of investigating this matter is not to be exposed.”

  Saying that, she added: “To investigate this matter, you must save the country with a curve, you can’t ask him directly, you can’t ask people around him or those who have interactions with him, it’s best to find another controllable middleman to inquire.”

  Qiu Ying Shan thought about it and spoke, “That’s fine, one of my former men is related to Jia Hui’s butler, he later left me openly and went back to Hong Kong Island to develop, but in fact I secretly funded him to work for me in Hong Kong Island, I’ll ask him to ask, the two of them are relatives, they should be good to talk to.”

  ”Good.” Lin Wan’er nodded, then added, “Right, you should talk to Old Sun again, I want all the entry and exit records of Charlie wade’s current identity, since these two years, ask him to transfer them for me and compile a list and send it to me.”

  ”Okay Miss!”


  Ten minutes later.

  Together with Sun Zhidong, Qiu Yingshan came to Lin Wan’er with a printed sheet of paper.

  Qiu Ying Shan stood in front of Lin Wan Er and said respectfully, “Miss, the matter you asked me to investigate has almost been investigated.”

  Lin Wan’er nodded: “Tell me about it.”

  Qiu Ying Shan said, “First of all, it was the matter of Charlie wade going to Hong Kong Island to meet Jia Hui, the information I had people inquire was that at that time, Charlie wade’s identity was an executive of the Isu Shipping Group, Jia Hui had always wanted to cooperate deeply with Isu Shipping, so Isu Shipping sent Charlie wade over to meet with him for an interview and to examine him in the process.”

  ”Isu Shipping?” Lin Wan’er asked with a frown, “And what is this company’s origin? With Charlie wade’s status and strength, I don’t believe he would hold a senior management position in any company.”

  Qiu Ying Shan was busy saying, “Isuzu Shipping is a big deal, it’s an ocean shipping group run by a joint venture between the Japanese Ito family and the Chinese Banks family, and since the two were already very strong in ocean shipping, after merging into one, they have become a giant in the shipping field.”

  ”The Banks family and the Ito family ……” Lin Wan’er pursed her lips in thought, “I’ve heard of both of these families, one is the strongest family in China and the other is the strongest family in Japan, there is nothing strange about these two strong parties joining forces in the business There is nothing strange in the business world, but what is strange is why Charlie wade wants to meet Liu Jiahui as a senior executive of this company? There is no way Charlie wade would work for such a shipping company.”

  Sun Zhidong interjected at this point, “Miss, there is another layer of connection here that is even stranger.”

  Lin Wan’er asked him, “What relationship, tell me.”

  Sun Zhidong explained, “The Banks family and the Ye family have been fighting with each other for many years, and in the early years, they had a very unpleasant relationship. It can be said that these two families have a long-standing grudge, so I can’t understand how Charlie wade could be working for the Issu Shipping Line ……”