Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5264

  Liu Manqiong stammered, “Grandma Qiu, I’ve just graduated and I’ll be looking for a job soon, so I can’t be bothered to find a boyfriend, so let’s wait until everything has settled down.”

  Old Mrs Qiu nodded and sighed, “Grandma is just afraid that you will waste too much of a woman’s good time.”

  She then asked, “What kind of boy do you like? Grandma will help you look for one later!”

  Liu Manqiong hurriedly said, “No, Grandma Qiu, I think you have to take your time to find a guy, if you don’t find one then it’s just not your destiny, there’s always one.”

  Seeing her firm attitude, Mrs. Qiu sighed lightly and nodded her head slightly.

  After lunch, Liu Manqiong sat for a while at the Purple Mountain Villa, then accompanied by Sister Xian, she took the bus to Aurous Hill University for her interview.

  Lin Wan’er smiled like a flower as she escorted Liu Manqiong to the car, and when she turned around after the car had walked out of the gates of the Purple Mountain Villa, she had taken off that innocent looking smile and had returned to her old stillness like water.

  Qiu Ying Shan followed behind him and said respectfully, “Miss, I have a question that I dare to ask to ask you ……”

  Qiu Ying Shan had just seen that Lin Wan Er had been setting up Liu Man Qiong’s words, so he was a little confused in his heart, not knowing why Lin Wan Er was doing this.

  Lin Wan’er knew what he wanted to ask and simply said indifferently, “You go and check if Liu Manqiong and Charlie wade have crossed paths in the past, then you will know why.”

  ”Charlie wade?!” Qiu Ying Shan asked in surprise, “Miss, do you mean to say that Manqiong came to Aurous Hill for Charlie wade as well?”

  Lin Wan’er nodded and said blandly, “I guess so, although I have ninety-nine percent certainty in my heart, but I don’t dare to confirm it 100%, I guess Liu Manqiong and Charlie wade must have crossed paths.”

  When she said this, Lin Wan’er remembered something and said, “Since Liu Manqiong is coming to Aurous Hill for the first time, then you can ask Old Sun to check the immigration records of Charlie wade’s current identity to see if he has been to Hong Kong Island, and if so, then check if he had any contact with Liu Manqiong when he went to Hong Kong Island.”

  Saying that, Lin Wan’er asked curiously, “By the way, where is Old Sun? I didn’t see him at lunch.”

  Qiu Ying Shan said, “He’s sleeping in his room, saying that he doesn’t want to meet strangers, and that his identity is mostly sensitive, so he doesn’t want people to know he’s in Aurous Hill.”

  Lin Wan’er hmmed and said, “Have him check it out, I’m quite curious too, let me know the results when you find out.”


  Right now, Charlie wade, in front of Lin Wan’er, no longer had that best used disguise.

  His current identity information had been grasped by Lin Wan’er, and with Sun Zhidong’s special identity and background, it was as easy as pie to check Charlie wade’s identity’s entry and exit records at customs.

  Soon, Sun Zhidong found out the entry record Charlie wade had left at the Hong Kong Island Customs when he went there before.

  Subsequently, he had someone check the surveillance video of the airport.

  Because the entry record had the exact time of entry down to the second and also had a clear entry channel window number, it was easy to find the surveillance of Charlie wade entering customs on Hong Kong Island that day.

  As the public areas of the airport are all monitored 360 degrees without dead ends, it was then easy to find footage of Charlie wade walking out of the airport exit and the two Liu Jiahui couples greeting him respectfully.

  When Qiu Yingshan saw the video footage, he was in awe of Lin Wan’er.

  He couldn’t understand how Lin Wan’er could have guessed that she was here for Charlie wade, and how she could have guessed that the two of them had crossed paths in Hong Kong Island.