Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5263

As soon as Lin Wan’er thought this, when she looked at Liu Manqiong again, she suddenly teased with a smile, “Sister Manqiong, I see that you have come all the way from Hong Kong Island to Aurous Hill, it doesn’t look like you are here to look for a job!”

  Liu Manqiong was surprised and asked, “Why do you say that?”

  Lin Wan’er smiled narrowly, “It feels more like you’ve come to pursue your beloved despite all odds.”

  Lin Wan’er’s seemingly flirtatious remark instantly struck a chord in Liu Manqiong’s heart, and she immediately panicked a little, but then hurriedly covered up and said, “How …… could that be …… I’ve never been to Aurous Hill before, and I don’t have any acquaintances here, let alone any heart. I’ve never been to Aurous Hill, and I don’t have any acquaintances here, let alone a sweetheart.”

  Although Liu Manqiong hastily concealed it, the hint of panic in her expression had already been accurately caught by Lin Wan’er.

  It was this slight change that made Lin Wan’er even more certain that her judgement was definitely correct.

  Combined with Liu Manqiong’s status, who else could there be but Charlie wade, who could make such a grand lady as her put aside her reserve and chase her all the way from Hong Kong Island to Aurous Hill?

  However, Lin Wan’er understood human nature and knew that at this time, since Liu Manqiong was in a panic, she had to stop at the right moment, borrowing a phrase from the Art of War, that is, a poor enemy should not be pursued.

  So she immediately turned her words around and said with a smile, “I am deliberately playing with you because you are so pretty, sister Manqiong!”

  Lin Wan’er suddenly withdrew her troops, causing Liu Manqiong to sigh with relief; she was actually already a little vain and was afraid that someone would really see what was going on.

  In her opinion, although she loved Charlie wade deeply, Charlie wade was after all a married man, so even if she chased him to Aurous Hill, she must not tell others about her feelings, and other people must not guess the clues.

  However, she did not expect that Lin Wan’er would suddenly make a comeback at this moment and said to herself, “Sister Manqiong’s family is so well-off and so outstanding, I’m afraid there are too many talented young men pursuing you on Hong Kong Island, so how would she look at a man in Aurous Hill?”

  Lin Wan’er’s retreat was an instant poke at Liu Manqiong’s deep love for Charlie wade, and she blurted out almost without thinking, “It’s not that absolute, although Hong Kong Island is more developed than Aurous Hill, the men in Aurous Hill are not necessarily inferior to those in Hong Kong Island.”

  In Lin Wan’er’s eyes, Liu Manqiong was subconsciously defending Charlie wade.

  As the saying goes, if you truly love someone, you will naturally defend everything related to him, and not only will you not allow others to say that he is not good, you will not even allow others to say that the city he lives in is not good.

  She felt that Lin Wan’er should not think that Hong Kong Island was better than Aurous Hill in every way, because there was absolutely no man like Charlie wade to be found on Hong Kong Island, so she had to make her position clear on this point.

  However, she did not know that she had already been led back and forth by Lin Wan’er’s nose a few times at this point.

  At this moment, Lin Wan’er, smiled sweetly and said with an apologetic face, “Sister Manqiong is right, it’s me who is too one-sided in my understanding of the issue and the way I look at it.”

  Qiu Ying Shan saw how innocent and lovely Lin Wan’er looked in front of Liu Manqiong, and while he was shocked, he couldn’t help but think, “Miss has never behaved like this before, is this a deliberate attempt to test Manqiong? It’s a pity that Manqiong herself doesn’t see it at all.”

  At this moment, Mrs Qiu sighed, following the conversation they had just had, “Manqiong, you’re not too young, it’s time to find a boyfriend and talk about getting married.