Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5262

  And, in the top wealthy neighbourhoods in the US, the police department would love to have one at the south gate of the neighbourhood and one at the north gate, and then each police department would have eight police cars and sixteen armed patrol officers patrolling the neighbourhood 24 hours a day.

  A gunman who wants to commit a shooting would never choose the top wealthy neighbourhoods because he was stopped by the police patrol on his way to drive into them because the car he was driving was not good enough.

  In such a situation, let alone if he dared to pull out a gun, even if he stuck his hand in his pocket for a stick of gum, he would be shot to a hornet’s nest in a second.

  And even if he was able to evade the police patrols, as soon as he dared to approach the estates of the super-rich, dozens of guns would immediately be aimed at him in the shadows.

  It would be a fool’s errand to think of a shooting in such a situation, and he would be afraid that he would not even have the chance to shoot himself.

  And this sense of security for the super rich is precisely what other countries cannot give, because the vast majority of countries do not allow ordinary people to carry guns. It is simply a fool’s dream for a rich person to find dozens of armed bodyguards to protect himself in a big way, and even if he usually hires some bodyguards, it would be futile once he encounters a bandit with a gun.

  The reason why the young master of the Li family would be kidnapped in Hong Kong Island was because the bandits had guns and the young master and his bodyguards did not.

  If the same thing happened in the United States, if the security company was given enough budget, they would be able to equip the young master on his way home with a few bulletproof Cadillacs comparable to armoured cars and a dozen or so bodyguards with a*sault rifles for close protection, and just a few bandits like Ah Keung and Ah Huan would not be enough to stuff these bodyguards.

  Therefore, if an ordinary person says that he feels that life in America is not safe enough, that is 80% of what he really thinks.

  But if a super rich man says the same thing to the public, it must be his excuse and never his real thoughts.

  Therefore, Lin Wan’er concluded that there must be another reason for Liu Manqiong to come to Aurous Hill.

  Lin Wan’er’s logic was that everything had to be rational first, and once the matter went against common sense, there were seven words that could not be escaped: there must be a demon when something goes against the norm.

  And, just like multiplication, the larger the base and multiplier, the larger the result, and the reverse is also true: if the result is large, then the base and multiplier will not be small either.

  Therefore, Lin Wan’er could not help but think in her heart: “Liu Manqiong is a hundred billion dollar family’s rich girl, can make her, a hundred billion dollar family’s rich girl, make such abnormal behavior, then this “demon” is not ordinary “demon”, must be a big demon. It must be a big demon …… This basic logic also applies to me, I will come here, not really because I like this place, or my ancestors have some kind of connection with this place, but because there is a big demon hidden here, and that demon is Charlie wade!”

  Thinking of this, Lin Wan’er frowned and said darkly, “And on the bright side of Aurous Hill, there are almost no ‘demons’ worthy of Liu Manqiong’s status, could it be that …… this Liu Manqiong is also here for Charlie wade?”