Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5261

  Qiu Ying Shan saw that the two of them were happy to see each other and said with relief, “It’s rare that you two are so in tune with each other, so let’s go in and sit down and talk.”

  The two of them readily agreed, and the group moved to the living room.

  In the living room, after Liu Manqiong and Lin Wan’er sat down, Lin Wan’er asked her with some curiosity, “Sister Manqiong, why did you choose to come from Hong Kong Island to Aurous Hill to develop your career? From a first-tier international city to a second-tier city on the mainland, the gap is still quite big.”

  Liu Manqiong smiled faintly and once again moved out the same rhetoric that she had said to Sister Xian on her way here, which was nothing more than feeling that Hong Kong Island was too fast-paced, that there were too many people and too little land, that the city’s resources were seriously crowded, and that the overall feeling was not as comfortable as life in a second-tier city on the mainland.

  After hearing this, Lin Wan’er nodded in agreement, but in her heart she did not think so at all.

  She felt that Liu Manqiong’s words, at first glance, seemed to be quite right. The pace of an international first-tier city like Hong Kong Island was naturally not slow, and it was also true that Hong Kong Island had a lot of people and little land, and many people could not afford a small house of 30 to 40 square feet even after a lifetime of hard work, so many young people from Hong Kong Island had started to gradually move to the Mainland, especially the Special Administrative Region adjacent to Hong Kong Island, which had attracted many young people from Hong Kong Island.

  However, Lin Wan’er also knows very well that Hong Kong Island is a place where heaven and hell coexist.

  There, it is not unusual for a poor family of six or seven to be crammed into a ten-square-metre room, and some people even live in places where they cannot even fit a bed.

  But on Hong Kong Island too, the rich can build palatial mansions halfway up the bay and live in skyscrapers with hundreds or thousands of square feet of luxury flats.

  The paper-drenched Hong Kong Island has been a paradise for the rich for the past few decades. Liu Manqiong’s family is extremely well-off, and the fast pace of Hong Kong Island, the size of its population and the amount of land it has, has little direct relevance to her.

  Her reasoning is akin to a top tycoon declaring to the public that he decided to leave the United States because of the bad law and order and the constant shootings.

  At first glance, this reasoning doesn’t sound like a problem at all.

  In a country like the United States, where everyone is armed, armed robberies are a daily occurrence, zero-dollar shopping is a constant occurrence, and major shootings happen hundreds or thousands of times a year, living there does expose you to unknown security risks on a daily basis.

  But these dangers, in fact, are for the lower and middle cla*ses in the United States.

  In other words, it is true that ordinary people who survive in the United States face the dangers of guns, but for the top wealthy people who live there, they are much safer in the United States than they would be in any other country in this one.

  Because they have enough money to build their fences high enough and put a power grid on them, and enough money to hire enough people with enough guns to keep them safe 24 hours a day.