Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5259

  The place was designed like a hotel, with a wide porch capable of parking three cars side by side. Qiu Yingshan and his old companion held hands with each other and personally welcomed them from the main hall.

  Liu Manqiong had just gotten out of the car when she saw the old couple walking out with smiles on their faces and hurriedly greeted them, saying respectfully, “Grandpa Qiu, Grandma Qiu, it’s been a long time, you two are still in such good health!”

  Qiu Ying Shan said with a smile, “Manqiong, we haven’t seen you for many years, you are already such a beautiful, pavilion girl!”

  Liu Manqiong smiled and said, “Grandpa Qiu, I’m afraid I’ve become an old girl.”

  The old lady stepped forward and took Liu Manqiong’s hand, saying lovingly, “Manqiong, you are looking more and more like your mother, the last time Grandma saw you was when your grandfather pa*sed away, and you haven’t visited Grandma in Singapore or Malaysia for such a long time.”

  In the early years when the Liu family was still alive, the two families used to meet and get together, and Liu Manqiong’s mother was a gentle, virtuous, sensible and generous woman who was particularly appreciated by Mrs Qiu, who had no daughter.

  When Liu Manqiong was young, she often met with the Qiu family, and the old lady really loved her, so although she hadn’t seen her for some years, once she saw that she had more of her mother in her, she felt a little more love and pity in her heart.

  Liu Manqiong some embarra*sment said: “Qiu grandmother, I these years …… because of studies and some other reasons, basically did not leave the Hong Kong Island, not able to visit you, but please forgive me …… “

  The old lady Qiu seriously said, “Grandma understands, when your mother pa*sed away, your grandfather Qiu was accompanying me in the United States to see a doctor, we both could not go to see her off one last time, every time I think of it over the years, my heart is also very ashamed, moreover very sorry.”

  Since her mother’s death, Liu Manqiong had experienced little affection except for her own sister, and her own father could not even be relied upon, so she had naturally distanced herself from other relatives.

  But she did not expect that Mrs Qiu was still ashamed of not being able to go to her mother’s funeral on Hong Kong Island. Her nose sank and her eyes unconsciously filled with tears.

  Although the Qiu family’s grandfather and old lady had not been able to attend her mother’s funeral, several of the Qiu family’s sons had rushed over to the funeral, and the Qiu family’s specifications were impeccable for the funeral of a younger generation.

  Thinking of this, she also said to Old Mrs. Qiu with some shame, “Grandma you mustn’t say that, my mother is your junior, when she is in heaven, she surely wouldn’t want you to run around and work hard because of her afterlife ……”

  She said, she also said very frankly, “Since my mother pa*sed away, I have become more and more solitary over the years, I haven’t been able to see you or talk to you on the phone much, I really feel so guilty ……”

  Seeing that she was in a somewhat sad mood, Old Mrs. Qiu patted the back of her hand and said comfortingly, “Well, it’s all in the past, when you get to work at Aurous Hill University, make sure to come and sit at home often, your grandpa Qiu and I are here all this time.”

  ”Good!” Liu Manqiong agreed without a second thought, “I will definitely come to see you often when the time comes!”

  Qiu Ying Shan then said, “Manqiong, let’s go in and talk, grandpa has a cousin’s granddaughter who has just enrolled in Aurous Hill University and is starting her freshman year, so I’ll introduce you to her later.

  Liu Manqiong was surprised and asked, “Grandpa Qiu, your cousin’s granddaughter is going to study at Aurous Hill University?”

  ”Yes.” Qiu Ying Shan smiled, “The two of us came to Aurous Hill this time, apart from wanting to come and see, we also wanted to help her with the admission procedures, I didn’t expect that you would be applying for a job at Aurous Hill University, what a coincidence!”

  As he was talking, Qiu Ying Shan saw Lin Wan Er coming down the hall, so he smiled and said to Liu Man Qiong, “She’s here!”