Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5257

  He first moved the bamboo stool, then came to sit in front of Lin Wan’er and said respectfully, “Miss …… is like this, I …… have a granddaughter who happens to be coming to Aurous Hill for an interview, so I invited her to the manor as a guest I also just learned of this this morning and did not report to you in advance, so please do not blame me.”

  Lin Wan’er took a new teacup and said with a smile as she rinsed it with tea, “This is your place, you are the host, how do you need to report to me if you want to have a banquet, I am just one of your guests.”

  Qiu Ying Shan said without thinking, “Miss, this is the second thing I would like to ask you to agree to, it’s rare that you like this place, I’m also old and I’m afraid I won’t come here again after this time, so I would like to give you the Purple Mountain Villa, I hope you can accept it!

  Lin Wan’er was slightly stunned, then shook her head and laughed, “I’m not sure how long I’ll stay here yet, you’d better leave it to your own descendants.”

  Qiu Ying Shan was busy saying, “Miss, my descendants, who grew up in rich clothes and jade, are all too impetuous in nature, to be honest, they don’t deserve this kind of place, giving it to them would be a waste, so please don’t be polite with me.”

  Lin Wan’er shrugged her shoulders, handed him the tea and said with a smile, “Since you insist, then I won’t be polite with you, if one day I don’t need this mansion anymore and you are still alive, I will return it to its original owner, if you are gone by then, then I will leave it to your descendants to dispose of.”

  When Qiu Ying Shan heard this, he was relieved and smiled, “All this is according to your wishes.”

  Lin Wan’er pointed to the cup of tea poured for him and said indifferently, “Drink a cup, I see you are panting and in such a mess, next time it is better not to climb so high, if you need to find me, just call me, sending me a weibo is also fine.”

  Qiu Ying Shan respectfully arched his hand and said, “I obey!”

  Saying that, he carefully picked up the cup of tea and took a shallow sip, then looked at the piece of tea cake next to the charcoal stove and asked tentatively, “Miss, this tea from the Song Hire No., is it still to your liking when you drink it?”

  This tea, was specially retrieved from Hong Kong Island by Qiu Ying Shan who found someone to bring it to Aurous Hill for Lin Wan Er in person.

  Pu-erh tea, this tea cake has a history of hundreds of years, it can be called the best of Pu-erh tea, in the list that Lin Wan’er gave to Sister Xian, it was written that she wanted Pu-erh tea cake, but not what kind, so he bought the most expensive and best that he could buy.

  Lin Wan’er smiled slightly at this point and said, “The tea that can be sold at a market price of several million to ten million a cake is naturally not an ordinary product, take the money and look for it in the market, this should be the most expensive and best Pu’er tea that can be bought.”

  Saying that, Lin Wan’er turned her words around and said with a smile, “But it’s still far from my best tea cakes.”

  Qiu Ying Shan said with a smile, “Mortal things that can be bought with money are not comparable to Miss’s collection.”

  Lin Wan’er smiled lightly and asked him, “Old Qiu, you should still have something to tell me, right?”

  Only then did Qiu Ying Shan smile, “I really can’t escape Miss’s wise eye!”

  I think you will be studying at Aurous Hill University in the future, and she will be teaching there, so it is fate that we are here today. There is still a care.”

  ”So ……” Lin Wan’er smiled narrowly and said casually, “Since it’s so destined, there’s no harm in getting to know her!”