Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5256

  ”Moreover, such universities are very, very focused on high-end alumni, and any alumni who have gone out from them and have made significant achievements in all walks of life are the ones they focus on maintaining and promoting, which is a very powerful resource in itself and has huge benefits for the development and promotion of the school;”

  ”Take Harvard University, the annual donations from the alumni a*sociation are counted in billions of dollars, and many mainland entrepreneurs go to Harvard to make donations starting at ten million dollars, but then look at Aurous Hill University, under normal circumstances, the annual donations received from alumni, on average, may not even be one percent of Harvard’s, which is why mainland universities are desperate to internationalise quickly, and because of the Hong Kong Island’s special situation, Hong Kong Island tends to be a direction of development for the internationalisation of mainland universities as well.”

  Liu Manqiong said in amazement, “Sister Xian you really know so much, these are things that I have never thought about for so many years at HKU ……”

  Sister Xian said modestly, “What I know is all gossip, if ordinary people want to know, they can just pay more attention to follow, compared to elites like you who focus on academics, that’s really far behind ……”

  Then, sister Xian said: “If Jinling University recruits you, a Ph.D. student from Hong Kong University, maybe you can directly or indirectly contribute to the Aurous Hill University has brought some student resources from Hong Kong Island, which itself is more valued by Aurous Hill University, combined with these reasons, I dare to say that you will definitely pa*s the interview.”

  Hearing this, Liu Manqiong nodded in a daze of realization.

  Because she hadn’t been away from Hong Kong Island much, and because she didn’t care much about things that didn’t concern her, Liu Manqiong had never had much understanding of what Sister Xian was talking about.

  After hearing this from her, Liu Manqiong’s confidence was also a few points more compared to before.


  At this moment.

  Purple Mountain Villa.

  Lin Wan’er was listening to the cicadas under the tree in the courtyard.

  She has set up a vine hand-woven rocking chair under the tree and a small bamboo tea table with a very miniature charcoal stove, which burns with charcoal made from the finest olives, which does not burst and break when it burns and does not give off any smoke, and even has a very special aroma.

  And on top of the charcoal stove sits a pottery choshi (diào), and in the midst of this, a deep red pot of pu-erh tea is boiling.

  Lin Wan’er is a keen tea drinker, and usually starts boiling and tasting tea at breakfast, drinks tea and reads books after eating, and also has tea at lunch, and in the afternoon when she reads books and casually eats a few pieces of tea, and even in the evening she has tea on hand.

  Moreover, Pu’er is a very heavy tea, and although Lin Wan’er drinks tea constantly every day, her white and shiny teeth have never been half stained by tea consumption.

  Just as she put down her book and picked up her cup of tea to take a sip, there was a soft knock at the door and Qiu Ying Shan’s voice followed, asking respectfully, “Miss, is this a convenient time for you?”

  Lin Wan’er smiled and said, “Yes, please come in.”

  Only then did Qiu Ying Shan carefully push open the courtyard door and slowly walk in.

  Lin Wan’er looked at him and saw that he was hunched over, panting silently, his forehead and cheeks covered with beads of sweat, so she asked curiously, “What is it that requires you to come up here in person? The stone steps are steep, and with your current body, you should be careful.”

  Qiu Ying Shan swallowed his saliva, then said with some breath and weakness, “I …… have something that I would like to report in person …… to Miss… …”

  Lin Wan’er pointed to a low bamboo stool under the tree and said, “Sit down and talk, just in time to drink a cup of tea.”

  Qiu Ying Shan was flattered and nodded hastily, his pace even quickened by a few steps.