Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5255

  With that, Sister Xian added: “If you are sure to stay in Aurous Hill in the future and need help with anything in Aurous Hill, you can contact me at any time.”

  After speaking, she handed over a business card with both hands, which was very simple, with only the word Li Shuxian, plus a string of mobile phone numbers.

  ”Thank you.” Liu Manqiong took the business card and politely said thank you, then asked her, “Right Sister Xian, if I am sure to stay in Aurous Hill, I plan to buy a house near the school for daily living, do you have any good recommendations?”

  Sister Xian asked curiously, “What kind of house is Miss Liu looking for? A villa, or a flat?”

  ”A flat.” Liu Manqiong said without thinking, “I can’t live in a villa by myself, a well-decorated flat is best, and it doesn’t have to be too big, preferably with a higher floor, so I can still see the scenery when I have nothing to do.”

  Sister Xian thought about it and said, “The best property in downtown Aurous Hill is Townsend One, it is a villa flat with high and low floors, all finely decorated and delivered, and it is sold as it is, what you see is what you get, the villas in this community are basically priced at tens of millions or even more than 100 million, the flat floors are about 10 million to 20 to 30 million, and the flat floors are high-rise buildings, which meet your requirements , and it’s not far from Aurous Hill University, it’s normally only a ten-minute drive if you drive.”

  Tangchen Yipin……” Liu Manqiong nodded and thanked, “Thank you Sister Xian, I’ll make a note of it and take time to go and have a look after I get the admission notice.”

  Sister Xian smiled and said, “Miss Manqiong don’t worry, with your own qualifications, you will definitely have no problem applying for a job at Aurous Hill University, Aurous Hill University is now very international and attaches great importance to foreign as well as Hong Kong Island faculty and student resources, if you were a mainland PhD, the competition might be fierce, but with your Hong Kong Island status, it will be relatively much easier.”

  Liu Manqiong said in surprise, “Sister Xian is really familiar with Aurous Hill, she even knows the situation of Aurous Hill University so well!”

  Sister Xian smiled and said, “Our husband donated a lot of money to Aurous Hill University many years ago, and although he rarely comes over for so many years, he has always been very concerned about the situation of Aurous Hill University, and my job in Aurous Hill is, to be honest, very leisurely, as my husband’s wife does not come, I just need to lead everyone to do a good job in hygiene and maintain the status quo of the estate, so those free time are basically spent on So those free hours are basically spent learning about every aspect of the city, so you don’t have to look at me as a Malay, but I’m definitely considered to be a Aurous Hill know-it-all.”

  Liu Manqiong nodded and said with a smile, “Then if I have the chance to work in Aurous Hill in the future, I will definitely have to learn more from you.”

  When Sister Xian heard her tone, she was still a bit unsure about the position at Aurous Hill University, so she said seriously, “Miss Liu, you can definitely put your heart into this aspect of Aurous Hill University, even without any connections, your resume will definitely be accepted. It’s definitely very rare to come.”

  Liu Manqiong asked curiously, “Why do they focus so much on this aspect? Since they are running a school, shouldn’t they just do a good job in academic research?”

  Sister Xian laughed, “Look at Harvard, Yale and MIT, why are these schools renowned worldwide? It’s not only because of their good academic research, but also because of the overseas students they admit all over the world. Many young people from China went to study at these universities, and when they came back, they set up their own businesses and gradually grew into big entrepreneurs worth tens of billions of dollars. So that Harvard doesn’t need to do any active promotion in China, it can be known in China;”