Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5252

  This plane, the earliest of the three direct flights from Hong Kong Island to Aurous Hill, was the first one.

  Once the plane landed, the First Cla*s cabin crew lowered the curtain between First Cla*s and Economy Cla*s, as is customary, to give priority to the First Cla*s pa*sengers to disembark.

  As soon as the cabin door opened, a young woman wearing sungla*ses and a mask stood up impatiently, grabbed her handbag and walked out of the plane.

  This young woman was the Liu family’s eldest daughter, Liu Manqiong, who had just arrived in Aurous Hill from Hong Kong Island.

  The reason why Liu Manqiong rushed to Aurous Hill early in the morning was because Aurous Hill University had invited her to come to the university today to attend an interview for the Talent Introduction Programme.

  After checking her academic background, the university leaders who were in charge of the admissions process had almost made a decision to hire her directly.

  Liu Manqiong had just received her PhD and was thrilled to receive an invitation to interview at Aurous Hill University, so she booked a flight early and flew over early in the morning.

  When Liu Jiahui learnt that his daughter was coming to Aurous Hill for an interview, he insisted on arranging a private jet to take her over personally, but Liu Manqiong politely declined his kind offer.

  It was not that Liu Manqiong was still upset with her father, but mainly because she did not want to be too flamboyant when she came to Aurous Hill this time.

  Liu Manqiong knew very well in her heart that since Aurous Hill was Charlie wade’s base camp, if there was any obvious movement, Charlie wade would definitely know about it, and if her father personally came to see her off, not only would Charlie wade definitely receive the news, even the Aurous Hill media would probably follow it.

  And her intention was to never let Charlie wade know about this until she got the official offer from Aurous Hill University, so that she would not be underestimated by Charlie wade in case she did not get the position.

  What’s more, what she wanted was to give Charlie wade a surprise, so she had to wait until she got the offer of employment before she chose the opportunity to let Charlie wade know.

  Because of this, she dead set on not agreeing to her dad’s proposal and planned to keep a low profile and low profile again, so she flew over alone.

  Since the people in charge of Aurous Hill University knew that Liu Manqiong was on Hong Kong Island, they specifically scheduled Liu Manqiong’s interview at 3pm, so that whether Liu Manqiong chose to come to Aurous Hill the day before or on the day of the interview, she would have more than enough time and would not be in too much of a hurry.

  And based on this time, Liu Manqiong had also booked a ticket to return to Hong Kong Island at 9:30pm this evening. Under normal circumstances, the interview would definitely be over by 6pm, and whether she could get the results or not, she intended to return to Hong Kong Island first, so as to avoid the eventuality of Charlie wade finding out.

  That was why, Liu Manqiong had to wear sungla*ses and a mask the whole time she was on the plane.

  Ten minutes later, Liu Manqiong had already appeared to walk out of the airport and was going to take a taxi to Aurous Hill University first. Although the interview was in the afternoon, she also wanted to take advantage of the interval to get a rough idea of the situation at Aurous Hill University and the nearby surroundings.

  However, just as she stepped out of the airport, a middle-aged woman came up to her and respectfully asked, “Excuse me, are you Miss Liu Manqiong Liu?”