Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5251

  And at this time, the sky hadn’t even dawned yet.

  When Charlie wade and Isaac Cameron stepped off the plane, Isaac Cameron’s men were already waiting here.

  Isaac Cameron respectfully asked Charlie wade, “Young master, it is still an hour before dawn, do you want to go to Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace to rest for a while?”

  Charlie wade thought about it and waved his hand, “Arrange a car for me, I’ll go to the spa villa in Champs-Elysees by myself, I’ll go there to rest for a while and then go home at noon.”

  Charlie wade did not want to bring Meng Changsheng’s portrait home, for one thing, he could not explain it to his family, for another, he was afraid that his old husband, who was the vice-president of the Painting and Calligraphy a*sociation, would see it and take it to pretend to be a big tail to others, and for another, he was afraid that his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, would be short of money one day and take out the painting secretly to sell it.

  Therefore, he planned to put the painting in the Champs-Elysees Spa villa while it was still light.

  Although his family knew about that villa, he didn’t have to worry about his family knowing about it as the upgraded door locks were now face and fingerprint recognition and could only be opened by himself.

  Hearing that he was going to the Champs-Elysees Spa villa, Isaac Cameron was busy saying, “Then I’ll take you there!”

  Charlie wade shook his head and said, “There is no need to bother, you have also followed the whole day, go back and rest first, I can just go there by myself.”

  Seeing Charlie wade’s insistence, Isaac Cameron immediately nodded, greeted his men and gave Charlie wade the keys to one of the Rolls-Royce cars, and said respectfully, “Young master, if you need anything, you can contact me anytime.”

  ”Good.” Charlie wade took the car keys and said to him, “I’ll go over first then.”

  After parting from Isaac Cameron, Charlie wade drove alone to the Champs Elysees Spa Villa, and upon arriving at the villa, he took the painting and put it away in the safe box on the ground floor of the villa.

  After doing this, Charlie wade came to the villa’s indoor hot spring soaking pool. As the Champs Elysees Spa Villa had its own exclusive hot spring spring, and it was bought out with the place for a one-off period of decades, this geothermal hot spring water was influenced by the geology and gushed out continuously 24 hours a day, so when this community was first designed, the incoming hot spring was designed to have a 24-hour non-stop flow of living water, to ensure that the owners had a pool of clean This is also one of the biggest selling points of the community.

  Charlie wade didn’t intend to go home too early, not to mention that it would feel strange to go back early in the morning, and his wife Claire would definitely find it hard to stay up all night and rush back, so he might as well take a break here and go back at noon or in the afternoon.

  So he took off his clothes unhurriedly and took a dip in the hot spring pool.

  After days of running around, although Charlie wade would hardly feel tired, he had not been able to relax himself properly.

  Today, he happened to have the time to soak in the hot spring by himself for a while, which made his body and spirit feel a lot more relaxed all of a sudden.

  At 10.30am, a Cathay Pacific Airbus a321, landed safely at Aurous Hill Airport.