Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5250

As that image disappeared, the subtle aura in the scroll had also disappeared, but when Charlie wade looked at the painting again, he could not help but a*sociate it with the image of Meng Changsheng in his mind, and then he felt that the Meng Changsheng in this painting seemed even more vivid and lively, leaping off the paper.

  He could not help but speculate in his mind what the tone of Meng Changsheng’s life would be after he left that mountain village.

  Although his life span had been extended, there seemed to be no more important people in his life, his wife and children had long since pa*sed away, and his only son and apprentice had also been buried, leaving him still as a middle-aged man.

  Given his obsession with cultivation and his struggle for longevity, he would probably have chosen to return to his cave somewhere after he left the village and continue to cultivate in silence, knowing only the sunrise and sunset, but not knowing the year, the month or the era of the outside world.

  When all that was left of his life was day after day of cultivation, all his joys and sorrows were left to himself, and he could not find anyone to share them with or to share them with.

  That feeling, in Charlie wade’s opinion, was not seeking longevity, but solitude.

  He felt that once a person gave up the seven emotions and six desires and fell into that endless loneliness, life, no matter how long it was, would lose its true meaning.

  And Charlie wade couldn’t help but wonder what he would do if, as time went on, everyone around him slowly grew old.

  Although the rejuvenation pills are good, the older you get the less effective they are. there are rejuvenation pills that allow ordinary people to live to over a hundred years old with little problem, living to the ceiling of two hundred years old, I’m afraid it will take a lot of rejuvenation pills to support them.

  Even if one is willing to provide them with sufficient rejuvenation pills, will they really be willing to continue using rejuvenation pills to renew their lives when they reach that age?

  It is not uncommon for a person, to live to be a hundred years old, but to live to be a hundred years old and not grow old is unheard of in the world.

  If one were to keep providing those close to one’s heart with the Spring Recovery Pill, so that they could live and not grow old, they would have to stay away from all those who knew them but did not know about them at some crucial point in time, otherwise they would certainly raise questions from countless people.

  This also meant that everyone would have to go and find a secluded place to hide from the world at some point in time, and by then, he and those around him would be like the werewolves or vampires in Western Mary Sue novels, trying to find ways to avoid the attention of normal people.

  Charlie wade didn’t even need to ask the people around him about such a life, he would be the first one not to accept it.

  As he thought about this, Charlie wade’s mood was a bit low.

  Although he did not need to worry about this matter for the next 20 to 30 years, it was a big problem that could not be avoided as long as he lived.

  Charlie wade let out a light sigh, put away the scroll, and stayed awake all the way.


  As Shudu is not far from Aurous Hill, the plane arrived at Aurous Hill airport in just over two hours of flight.