Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5248

  After admiring the painting for a long time, just as Charlie wade was about to re-roll the scroll, he suddenly felt that there were some faint fluctuations of spiritual energy in the scroll.

  This caused his whole body to instantly flinch!

  According to Old Madam Jiang, this painting was made by her family’s ancestor in his old age.

  Since it was old age, it must have been separated from Meng Changsheng a long time ago.

  The Jiang family ancestor did not have the talent to master aura, so apart from having taken two rejuvenation pills and lived longer than ordinary people, he could never have possessed aura.

  This also means that the painting he painted in his old age should not have had any aura in it.

  However, there was indeed a very subtle trace of aura in this painting, and Charlie wade could not help but ask himself in his heart, “Could this aura be left behind by Meng Changsheng? Perhaps, the Jiang family did not know that Meng Changsheng had returned at some point in time!”

  Thinking of this, he immediately quieted his mind and parted a few bits of his aura, carefully covering the entire painting in it and searching for the source of that trace of aura.

  Soon, he found the trace of that trace of spiritual energy at the head of Meng Changsheng’s portrait.

  Charlie wade was overjoyed and instantly used his aura to sense the other side, and the moment the two auras merged, a first-view image suddenly flooded Charlie wade’s mind!

  In the image, a village in the mountains was holding a grand funeral, and the people at the funeral were not dressed in modern clothes, but looked more like the dress of the Tang Dynasty.

  Charlie wade was able to recognise from the topography that this mountain village was the same mountain village where Old Lady Jiang lived.

  The mountain village in the picture did not look as dilapidated as it does today. In the picture, there was a rather atmospheric wooden courtyard with carved beams and painted pillars, so it looked like a rich and noble family.

  The funeral, however, is not a coherent real-time image, but more like a time-lapse shot with many times fast-forward.

  A middle-aged man kneels down and wails in front of the coffin in the hall, while a group of women and children are crying behind him.

  The picture that followed was of people weeping and mourning, and although there were many rituals, the whole picture was very fast and the rituals were completed in a flash.

  After all the rites and rituals had been performed, a dozen strong men carried the coffin to the foot of the hill where it was buried.

  Afterwards, the crowd returned to the wooden courtyard, where the bustle faded and the few women left in tears with their families, leaving the middle-aged man to guard the hearse by himself.

  He looked at the portrait of Meng Changsheng on the wall in the centre and said with a smile: “Elder Meng, my father died three days ago, and today he is buried in the ground. My father has lived for 113 years and is the envy of all others. I am now forty years old and hope that you will attain immortality and fulfil your promise soon!

  Although the middle-aged man’s words were obscure and difficult to understand, Charlie wade still understood what he meant. He should be the son of the Jiang family’s ancestor, who was standing in front of Meng Changsheng’s portrait at this moment, chanting that he wanted Meng Changsheng to seek longevity as soon as possible and then come back to give him the chance he had promised his father.

  To put it bluntly, he was hoping that Meng Changsheng would return so that he too could live forever.

  As the man finished speaking, a gust of wind suddenly blew through the hall, and immediately afterwards he slumped to the ground and fell into a deep sleep.

  At the same time, a middle-aged man dressed in a green shirt entered with a strong stride.

  Charlie wade was able to conclude that this person was Meng Changsheng.