Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5247

Although Charlie wade had saved the lives of Old Mrs. Jiang’s mother and son, he was still grateful to Old Mrs. Jiang.

  This was because Old Lady Jiang had given herself the ancestral Phoenix Bone Vine Bracelet without hesitation.

  Originally, Charlie wade had thought that the old lady did not actually know that the Phoenix Bone Vine Bracelet was an ancestral heirloom and a rare material, but how rare and valuable it really was, she should not have been aware of it.

  But after this meeting, Charlie wade realised that in fact, Old Lady Jiang actually had a clearer perception of the value of the Phoenix Bone Vine Bracelet.

  Back then, that Meng Changsheng, Meng’s old ancestor, had simply taken a Phoenix Bone Vine Bracelet from the Jiang Family’s ancestor and kept him around for decades, and had even given him two rejuvenation pills in succession.

  Not only that, before Meng Changsheng parted from the Jiang family ancestor in search of a breakthrough, he even promised that he would give him a chance if he sought longevity in the future.

  Although Meng Changsheng should not have done all this just to return the favor of the Phoenix Bone Vine, Charlie wade guessed that the Phoenix Bone Vine definitely played a very important part.

  These past events had been pa*sed down from generation to generation in the Jiang family, and Old Lady Jiang knew it by heart.

  But when she was in Mexico, she was still willing to use the bracelet to thank herself, which made Charlie wade’s heart feel a little grateful.

  Moreover, the use of the Phoenix Bone Vine was by no means just to refine those twenty reshaping pills, if he wanted to refine high grade pills in the future, the Phoenix Bone Vine was almost an essential and important material that would be of great help to him in the future.

  That was precisely why he had taken the plunge and decided to use his strength to make the life of Old Madam Jiang and her mother and son worry-free.

  Seeing that both the villa and the shop were settled, Charlie wade was much relieved. Isaac Cameron also instructed the Wade family’s men in Shudu to do their best to take care of the mother and son, and to try to take care of them in a gentle and low-key way once their business was up and running.

  Once everything was settled, Charlie wade said goodbye to Mrs Jiang, and only after Mrs Jiang thanked him profusely and sent their car out of the neighbourhood, did Charlie wade and Isaac Cameron rush to Shudu Airport overnight to take a flight back to Aurous Hill.

  On the plane, Isaac Cameron, who was already a bit tired from driving all day, fell asleep on the comfortable flat seat after the plane took off.

  In the picture, the immortal Meng Changsheng leapt out of the scroll once again. When he saw this painting in the Jiang family’s old residence in Shu Nan, it was hanging high on the wall and the lighting was dim, plus when Old Lady Jiang told Charlie wade about those past events, it distracted Charlie wade a lot, so he did not appreciate the painting too carefully.

  Now that he had spread it out in front of him and looked at it carefully with the reading light on the plane, Charlie wade was even more impressed by the painting’s skill and charm.

  Because the ancient Chinese valued rhythm over realism, the vast majority of famous painters in ancient times were actually not good at realism.

  Landscapes, fish and insects, and figures were actually more concerned with a vivid atmosphere.

  The paintings of this ancestor of the Jiang family, though also in the traditional Chinese painting style, are so detailed and attentive that the Meng Changsheng in the painting feels very realistic and vivid, even the long beard swaying in the wind appears to be extraordinarily realistic.

  He was convinced that if the painting were to be made public, it would cause a sensation in the entire art world with its ghostly style of painting.

  Perhaps the ranking of famous painters in the Tang Dynasty would also be rewritten because of this painting.

  However, Charlie wade naturally did not intend to do so. He decided to treasure this painting and would not let anyone else see its contents after he returned to Aurous Hill.