Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5246

  So, she did not say any more, but simply said gratefully, “Thank you, benefactor! Thank you!”

  Charlie wade smiled blandly and added, “All right Grandma Jiang, let’s go and see the house where you will live from now on.”

  After saying that, he gave a wink to Isaac Cameron, who then said to the two men, “Okay, you have chosen a good shop and are working efficiently, so one of you will receive three months’ salary as a bonus!”

  The two men were pleasantly surprised and were about to say thank you, but Isaac Cameron interrupted with his hand and said, “Come on, show us the villa.”

  The villa they had chosen was only three to four hundred metres away from the shops on foot, and because they had paid so quickly today, the original owner had not even eaten at lunchtime and started to direct the moving company to move the house.

  In addition, they also arranged for the staff to purchase a number of very sophisticated household items, not only pillow covers, toothpaste and towels, but also pots, pans, rice, oil and salt.

  When Charlie wade and Isaac Cameron first entered the villa, their first impression was that it was a model house left by the developer and was perfect in every way.

  The three-storey villa with a home lift made old Mrs Jiang speechless with amazement.

  She really did not expect that the house Charlie wade said he would arrange for herself would be a luxuriously decorated, clean and tidy villa.

  Charlie wade took her on a tour together and said in a low voice to the old lady while no one was around, “Grandma Jiang, in future you will live on the ground floor and let your son live on the third floor, with such a house and such a set of shops outside, as long as you manage it well, your son will definitely become the meat and potatoes of the dating market, it is easy to get married in a year or two, if he gets married, the two of you will live on the If he gets married, the two of you will live on the third floor, with a first floor between you, so that you won’t disturb each other, and if he has children in the future and they need to live on their own, let them live on the first floor.

  Mrs. Jiang knew that with this material foundation, it would be no problem for her son to have a wife and two children, and his destiny would be lifted up several levels and his life path would be smoothed out many times over.

  Thinking of this, she said with red eyes, “I really don’t know how to thank you for your kindness ……”

  Charlie wade smiled and said, “No need to say thank you, I will come over to see you again sometime in the future, if I am busy with things, I will also arrange for someone to come over often to take care of you, my family also has some local properties and manpower, but whenever something happens, they can take care of it.”

  As for the ownership of the shop and villa, I will ask them to take you to the Housing Authority tomorrow to get the transfer done, but I will ask them to take you to get a bank card and a mobile phone card in the local area first. The reason I don’t give you too much money is because I’m worried that having too much money will lead to trouble, but if you have any difficulties, whether it’s trouble, financial strain, illness or your daughter-in-law’s unfiliality, you can tell me at the first opportunity.

  Mrs. Jiang said with some trepidation, “Your Grace, you have already done so much for us, how can I still ask for your money ……”

  Charlie wade smiled, “Grandma Jiang, you don’t need to worry much, just listen to my arrangements for everything.”