Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5244

 After walking up the mountain road for over an hour, the four arrived at the village where the SUV was parked. Isaac Cameron drove the car and made his way north, heading straight for Shudu.

  The mountain road was rugged, but the good news was that once you drove off the country roads and onto the highway, the journey would be unobstructed.

  The SUV sped along and arrived at a villa area outside the second ring road in the southwest of Shudu at around twelve o’clock at night.

  This villa area is very close to the city, next to the ring road, and there is a metro station right in front of the area, making it a very convenient location.

  The villa area was not very large and the room types were not too big, basically they were all small three-storey villas of over two hundred square metres with a small courtyard of almost forty square metres.

  Members of the Wade family’s branch in Shudu, scattered out early this morning to look at houses, one of the business managers selected this district and found a few agents to pull a list of the dozen houses listed for sale in this district to look at them all together.

  Since the community was only delivered three or four years ago, most of the houses here are relatively new, and there are even rough houses that have been bought and never renovated.

  After sifting through all the listings, the business manager found a villa listed for sale that was most suitable.

  The former owner, who had just moved in less than two years ago, had a very new home and very well furnished appliances, and was in need of funds for his business, so he listed it for sale urgently, requiring full payment and as soon as possible.

  Coincidentally, when the former owner bought the block, he also bought a shop of nearly 100 square metres at the entrance of the ground floor.

  The shop is located on the road to the metro and has a high pedestrian flow, making it ideal for a small supermarket or convenience store.

  As the house was turnkey and the decoration was of a high grade, and the owner happened to have a shop for sale, Isaac Cameron’s men bought the house and the shop at the entrance in full, in the name of the Shudu branch.

  The former owner did not expect to meet such a quick customer, and paying the full amount in one go and not having to wait for a bank loan was simply the best customer for someone like him who was in a hurry to realise his money, so he also gave a lot of concessions on the price, which was overall very good value for money.

  When Isaac Cameron arrived at the entrance of the district, he first parked the car at the entrance of the shop that he had already bought, and when he saw the four people get out of the car, two young men immediately stepped out of a Mercedes-Benz business car at the entrance, and the two of them quickly came in front of Isaac Cameron, and one of them said respectfully, “Hello, Mr. Cameron, I am the general manager of the Buckingham (Shangri-la) Palace in Shudu, my surname is Li called Li Darlington! “

  The other one also said respectfully, “Hello Mr. Cameron, I am the business manager of the Buckingham (Shangri-la) Palace in Shudu, my surname is Wang, my name is Wang Pius.”

  Ever since Charlie wade had become the head of the Wade family, Isaac Cameron was the head of Buckingham (Shangri-la) Palace worldwide and was the direct leader of Buckingham (Shangri-la) Palace everywhere, although the general manager of Buckingham (Shangri-la) Palace in Shudu had never met Charlie wade, he knew that Isaac Cameron was his top boss, so naturally he was also respectful.