Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5241

Little did Old Mrs Jiang know that this pill that Charlie wade had brought out was the Spring Return Pill that the Jiang family’s ancestors had told their descendants about.

  For the past thousand years or so, the Spring Return Pill had been an immortal pill to the Jiang family, a legend that existed only in the memories of their ancestors and that they would never have the chance to see in real form in their own lifetime.

  Therefore, even at this moment, Old Mrs Jiang did not think that this elixir would be the famous Spring Return Pill.

  However, even though she really thought that it was just some kind of pill that Charlie wade had made himself, she still said without thinking, “Your Grace, you have been as kind to us as a mountain, how can I ……”

  Charlie wade knew that she was still going to repeat the same old tune, so he said casually, “It’s not a hindrance, it’s just a pill that you made casually, just like how you treat your guests with your own bacon, it’s nothing, it’s really too polite for you to be so polite again.”

  When Old Lady Jiang heard this, she was also afraid that her constant refusal would make Charlie wade angry, so she said carefully, “Then thank you, my benefactor!”

  With those words, she took the Spring Return Pill from Charlie wade’s hand.

  Charlie wade admonished, “Grandma Jiang, you might as well try taking it directly.”

  Old Mrs Jiang nodded gently before she put that Spring Return Pill into her mouth.

  Originally, Old Mrs Jiang had thought of swallowing it with the help of water as soon as she ate it, but to her surprise, the elixir turned into a different kind of medicinal power that quickly spread throughout her body as soon as it entered her mouth.

  Before she could be shocked, she felt as if her whole body was undergoing a spring-like breeze, as if her whole body was rapidly changing in some way, making her feel an unprecedented sense of comfort.

  What she could not see was that her hair, which had been completely white, had in a moment become mostly black, and the wrinkles on her face had also lessened considerably, making her whole person much younger.

  However, at this time, through her own senses, Old Lady Jiang had also realised that this elixir was very miraculous and absolutely extraordinary, so she asked Charlie wade, unable to hide her shock: “Your Grace, the elixir you gave me, why does it feel so miraculous?!”

  Charlie wade smiled faintly and said blandly, “Because the elixir I gave you is the Spring Return Pill.”

  ”Spring Return Pill?!” Old Mrs. Jiang’s entire face was incomparably shocked as she stood frozen in place and muttered, “Your Grace …… you …… how did you get the Spring Return Pill …… and …… I, a bad old woman, how can I be worthy of such an immortal pill ……”

  Charlie wade said indifferently, “Grandma Jiang, you can look at yourself in the mirror, your whole body looks twenty years younger now too.”

  Old Mrs. Jiang subconsciously looked for a broken mirror, and once she looked into it, her whole body was even struck by lightning!

  Charlie wade added at this point: “After eating this rejuvenating pills, helping your son bring up his grandson will be a sure thing, the rejuvenating pills can help you extend your life by twenty years, if your son catches on, you might even be able to see your grandson get married.”

  ”This …… this ……” Old Mrs. Jiang was happy and anxious and kept pacing in place, muttering under her breath, “How can I …… what virtue and what ability ……”

  Charlie wade smiled and said, “Grandma Jiang, there is no need to dwell on this now, the issue at hand is that you are suddenly so much younger, if you still live here, the surrounding neighborhood will be very surprised, if word gets out, it may bring you trouble, so in my opinion, you should pack up and come with us tonight, we will send you to Shudu, help you and your son Your son can run his own business and find his own love there, and you can live with him at ease, and even have the energy and stamina to help him out and do his job.