Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5240

  The old lady said in a hurry, “You can’t do that …… you saved our lives, we have nothing to repay you, how can we ask for your property ……”

  Charlie wade waved his hand and said seriously, “Grandma Jiang, this amount of money is less than a drop in the bucket to me, besides, the bracelet you gave me is of great use to me, so how can I feel comfortable letting you and your son continue to live here.”

  Saying that, Charlie wade added: “More than a thousand years have pa*sed, Old Ancestor Meng has never appeared, and it is unlikely that he will appear in the future, since that is the case, you do not need to continue to wait any longer because of your ancestor’s wishes, so why not leave this place with your son and live a peaceful life in the city.”

  ”Moreover, although your son is missing a kidney, with the medicinal effects of the elixir, he will by and large be no worse than a normal person, and he will definitely still be able to marry and have children in the future, and carry on the family line for the Jiang family, but if he stays here all the time, the Jiang family bloodline might really be cut off in this way.”

  Charlie wade’s words instantly hit the soft spot of Old Mrs. Jiang.

  She murmured somewhat sadly, “I’m old and don’t have many years to live, in fact it doesn’t matter whether I leave here or not, the main thing is this youngest son of mine, if he doesn’t go out, he can’t even find a wife, but if he goes out, his ability to take care of himself is still more or less poor, and I’m worried that he won’t be able to take care of himself …… “

  Charlie wade said with a smile: “This you do not have to worry, the reason I let people buy the storefront house, is that I think the storefront house can allow your son to open a small supermarket in front of the house.”

  The old lady hurriedly said, “That son of mine, is quite a bit more foolish than the average person, he is not the material to open a supermarket ……”

  The first thing that you need to do is to find a supplier who is willing to pay a little bit of profit at the retail end of the store, and they are even willing to help you spread the goods without paying a penny. All your son needs to do is sit in the shop and use the code gun to check out the customers, and now that the cashier software is connected to the inventory data, there will be alerts for anything that is almost sold out, and when the time comes, all he needs to do is to give the supplier a call and he will send the stuff over.”

  The biggest cost of opening this kind of small supermarket is manpower and rent, with your own storefront, the rent will be saved, the rest is just the cost of manpower, and the small supermarket is not too busy for one person, if you want to open the door, open the door, if you don’t want to open the door, be spontaneous, you can casually earn a few thousand dollars a month, it’s not possible, you can also directly rent out the storefront. If you can’t, you can just rent out the shop, and the rent will be enough for the two of you to live on.”

  The old lady said with fear: “Your father-in-law, I appreciate your feelings, but I really can’t accept the house ……”

  Charlie wade is not in a hurry, just smiled and said, “Grandma Jiang, many girls out there are very realistic, a man without a house and stable income, they simply can’t look at it, you can’t take the paintings made by your old ancestors and sell them, can you?”

  ”This ……,” the old lady was at a loss for words to answer.

  Charlie wade added: “Besides, you must also want to live more years and spend more time with your son, in case he gets married and has children in the future, you must also want to help bring up your grandchildren for a few more years.”

  The old lady laughed bitterly, “I don’t have that kind of life, if I can live to see him get married and have children, I will already be blessed by my ancestors and have no regrets in death ……”

  Charlie wade nodded and took out a rejuvenation pill from his pocket and casually said, “Oh yes, Grandma Jiang, this is a pill I configured myself, it has the effect of strengthening the body, you can take one and try it.”