Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5239

“People with foreign surnames don’t know.” The old lady replied, “These things have always been known in the Jiang family only to the direct lineage as well.”

  Charlie wade nodded gently and asked her, “Is the first lineage of the Jiang family hoping to wait here until Old Grandmaster Meng appears?”

  The old lady sighed and said blankly, “In the past, my grandfather and my father, they all still hoped that Old Ancestor Meng would appear, in case they could really wait for the chance to attain longevity that Old Ancestor Meng had promised to their ancestors, they would definitely be able to set off a whole new life ……”

  The old lady sighed in a somewhat disheartened manner, “But I lost three sons in a row, and only when I was forty-five years old did I have my youngest son, and after I managed to bring him to adulthood, I don’t care about anything else but him.”

  Charlie wade said, “If that Old Ancestor Meng is still alive and willing to keep his promise, you can also leave the chance of a long life to your son.”

  The old lady let out a bitter smile, pointed to her temple and said with some pain, “This son of mine was born with some difficulty, resulting in a slight problem with his brain here after he was born, don’t look at him like a normal person on the surface, but in fact he is still a bit slower and simpler than the average person, and doesn’t have much of a heart… …”

  Saying that, the old lady gave a slight pause and continued, “I still don’t dare to let him know these things, also because I’m afraid that his childish nature, can’t keep a secret ……”

  ”To put it bluntly, the Jiang family has waited for so many years for a chance at longevity, and despite the slim chance, they are still unwilling to give up;”

  ”But now I don’t want to wait, if I do wait, I can’t possibly seek longevity myself, but my youngest is immature in mind, if I let him get longevity, it might be a bad thing for him instead;”

  ”The truth that a man is not guilty of a sin, my old lady still understands, if he does not get long life, he may come to a public nursing home and still have a good end, if he really gets long life, he may die in a few years ……”

  Charlie wade nodded approvingly and said from the bottom of his heart, “I’m not going to hide it from you, 1,400 or 500 years have pa*sed, I think Old Ancestor Meng should have already pa*sed away, even if he waits, he is not destined to wait for this opportunity.”

  The old lady nodded slightly and sighed: “I also felt that there was little hope, so my youngest son was compelled by someone to go out to work and earn a lot of money and take me to live in the city, and I also spoiled him, so I sold a piece of jewellery inherited from my ancestors and raised some money to go to Mexico with him. But I never thought that that time, it almost killed us both. We were lucky to come back alive. ……”

  The old lady suddenly remembered something and added: “By the way, my son was already dying in Mexico, but when we woke up on the bus, his whole body was in the same condition as a normal person, thanks to your blessing, right?”

  Charlie wade nodded: “At that time, his state was on the verge of death, and it was no longer possible to save him by ordinary means, so I gave him a blood dispersing heart saving pill, this pill is magical, but it is still a bit inferior to the spring return pill.”

  The old lady was surprised and said with immense gratitude, “You have given my youngest son such a valuable elixir, this kindness will be remembered by the old lady for the rest of her life …… but the old lady is not capable of anything, I don’t know how to repay you for saving my life… …”

  Charlie wade looked at the Phoenix Bone Vine bracelet in his hand and said frankly, “Grandma Jiang, although junior saved you and your son, this bracelet of yours is extremely precious and has helped junior a great deal, in junior’s opinion, even after doing this, junior still feels indebted in his heart.”

  The old lady said with some trepidation, “Your Grace must not think that way …… Even if something is precious, it is always something and cannot be more important than life ……”

  Charlie wade smiled slightly and said, “When we parted that day, I promised you that I would personally visit you when I returned to China and that I would make sure that you and your son would be free of worries for the rest of your life, so I have come here this time to keep my promise, I have had someone buy a small villa and a nearby storefront house in Shudu, you can move there with your son.”