Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5237

When the old lady heard Charlie wade say the three words of Spring Return Pill, she asked with a horrified look on her face, “En Gong …… you …… you also know about Spring Return Pill?!”

  Charlie wade nodded his head and said frankly, “I know.”

  There was one thing that Charlie wade did not say out loud.

  That was, he had actually prepared a Spring Return Pill specifically for Old Mrs. Jiang when he came.

  Old Mrs. Jiang could not help but exclaim, “You are indeed just like Old Ancestor Meng, you are a man of great divine power!”

  Charlie wade only smiled faintly on his face, but in his heart he was even more shocked.

  So far, although he had benefited a lot from the Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures, he did not know who had actually authored the Scriptures.

  Now, when he learnt that Meng Changsheng had actually refined the Spring Return Pill more than a thousand years ago and had given two of them to the Jiang family’s ancestor, he could not help but ask himself in his heart, “Could it be that the Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures that I have obtained were written by Meng Changsheng? The antique that my father-in-law knocked over at the Moore family’s Jiqing Hall that day was indeed a jade vase from the Tang Dynasty, and Meng Changsheng was also from the Linde period of the Tang Dynasty, so the general dynasty is a match. “

  However, Charlie wade also knows very well in his heart that it is impossible to conclude that the “Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures” is written by Meng Changsheng based on these two points alone.

  If he really wanted to seek proof of this matter, he would at least have to find more clues.

  So, he put this doubt to the back of his mind for the time being and asked Old Mrs. Jiang, “Grandma Jiang, may I ask how long that old ancestor of your family lived until he died?”

  The old lady said, “My family’s ancestor died in 863 AD, the fourth year of Xiantong, and lived to be 113 years old. Because Meng’s wife and children were buried halfway up the hill, my family’s ancestor was buried at the foot of the hill after he died, and all the descendants of our Jiang family were buried at the foot of the hill.”

  Charlie wade couldn’t help but sigh: “The old man lived to be one hundred and thirteen years old, minus the forty years of yang life from the two rejuvenation pills, he also lived to be seventy-three years old by himself, which was already very rare in those days.”

  According to some less reliable scholars, the per capita life expectancy in the Tang dynasty was probably in the forties or even fifties.

  However, their statistics and testimonies are very one-sided, simply going from the epitaphs they can find, as well as the recorded history books, to count the ages of those who are recorded as having died, and then calculate a so-called average age.

  They overlook the fact that those who are named in the history books, have a tombstone and have an epitaph inscribed on them, were themselves the elite of their time.

  Moreover, many children who died young and unmarried did not have a tombstone, not to mention the common people who died and were buried in a haphazard manner with a roll of straw mats.

  Therefore, the average life expectancy of the elite, as measured by the elite, is of no real significance.

  History shows that the average life expectancy of the Tang emperors was only around 44 years, the most elite cla*s in the Tang dynasty and the best means of production in the country, but even so, the average life expectancy was only 44 years.

  Many objective scholars believe that if we take into account the high rate of infant and child mortality and the life expectancy of the general population, the real life expectancy in the Tang dynasty would have been in the mid-thirties.

  In this way, the ancestor of the old lady’s family, who lived on his own for seventy-three years, lived longer than any other Tang emperor, which is already remarkable.

  At this moment, Mrs Jiang also nodded and sighed: “It is written in the family tree that when my ancestor was one hundred and thirteen years old, his ears were not deaf, his eyes were not dizzy, and his body was still robust, so everyone thought he would live to be one hundred and twenty years old. smiling face and pa*sed away.”

  Charlie wade said, “It seems that your family’s ancestor, indeed, had a deep affection for that Old Ancestor Meng.”