Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5236

  Charlie wade could not help but sigh: “Countless cla*sics were lost in this turmoil. Your ancestors in the Tang Dynasty knew what the Feng Bone Vine was, but today, few people in the whole of China or even the world still know about this kind of thing. ……”

  Speaking of this, Charlie wade suddenly remembered something and asked in surprise, “By the way Grandma Jiang, you said the bracelet was two branches?”

  ”Yes!” The old lady said with certainty, “Both bracelets are made of the Phoenix Bone Vine, originally a pair, they are the heirloom of the Jiang family, after the ancestor was saved by Elder Meng, Elder Meng recognized that the bracelets were made of the Phoenix Bone Vine and asked the ancestor if he would give one of the bracelets to him, and in return, he would like to take the ancestor as his disciple, the ancestor had no one to rely on at that time, so naturally he agreed without hesitation And Old Ancestor Meng was indeed a decent man, he only wanted one of the Phoenix Bone Vines and told the ancestor to keep the other one properly.”

  Charlie wade asked again, “Then your ancestor, too, followed this Old Ancestor Meng and learnt aura?”

  ”No.” The old lady shook her head and lamented, “It is said that it is rare to find one out of millions of people who have the talent to master Aura, if they do not have this talent, they will not be able to step into the door of Aura even if they cultivate hard all their lives, not to mention my family’s ancestor, even Elder Meng’s wife and children do not have this talent …… “

  The old lady pointed to the painting of a child reading on the wall and said, “My ancestor didn’t have that talent, so he worked with Elder Meng as a servant boy, and when he said he was a servant boy, he was actually more like Elder Meng’s adopted son, who raised him around and taught him to read and paint. “

  Charlie wade listened with emotion and could not help but sigh: “It seems that this Old Ancestor Meng, is indeed a divine person, not only has great divine ability, learning, and fine painting, but also compa*sionate, it is really rare ……”

  ”Yes.” The old lady nodded slightly and then added, “My family’s ancestor lived with Old Ancestor Meng for over sixty years, until 820 AD and the 15th year of Yuanhe of the Great Tang Dynasty ……”

  ”At that time, Old Ancestor Meng was already nearly one hundred and sixty years old, and my family’s ancestor was already seventy-one years old. In that year, Old Ancestor Meng told my family’s ancestor that if he was unable to make a breakthrough in his cultivation or to make the pills he wanted, he was afraid that he would have difficulty living to two hundred years old, so he resolved to find another, more suitable cave to dive into seclusion;”

  ”When they parted, Elder Meng gave my ancestor some money and an elixir and ordered my ancestor to live in the world, promising him that when he found the way to longevity, he would return to give my ancestor a chance;”

  ”Although my ancestor’s heart did not want to leave him, he knew that their relationship was over, so after they said goodbye, my ancestor went into the world and married a woman in Jiang Yang, not far from here, to continue his legacy;”

  ”Three years after the marriage, he returned with his wife and children and settled here again, hoping to stay here to guard the tomb of Old Ancestor Meng’s wife and children, and also hoping to wait here until Old Ancestor Meng returned, this wait, is dozens of generations, more than a thousand years ……”

  Charlie wade had some doubts in his heart and spoke, “Your family’s ancestor was already seventy years old when he parted from Old Ancestor Meng, and he was still able to come down from the mountain to marry and even continue the incense, which was really a bit unbelievable under those circumstances back then, could it be that he relied on the elixir given by Old Ancestor Meng before he left?”

  ”That’s right.” The old lady sighed, “Elder Meng gave my ancestor a total of two pills, one when my ancestor was fifty years old, and the other when they parted. but thirty years old.”

  Charlie wade was shocked and asked offhandedly, “Grandma Jiang, the elixir that Old Ancestor Meng gave to your family’s ancestor, is it called the Spring Return Pill?!”