Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4326

        At this time, his men also said with some frustration, “Chief, I really don’t understand why we haven’t received any clues about missing young girls lately when they have killed so many people? It seems like there are no reports of young women going missing in New York at all recently ……”

        Li Yalin said in a cold voice: “They wouldn’t be so stupid as to look for prey from New York, as I see it, most of these girls they killed should have been secretly sent here after being kidnapped from the west coast, or even from abroad.”

        Speaking of this, Li Yalin suddenly remembered something and blurted out, “I see! The reason they were able to go undetected for so long and for so many crimes is because they never start from their side, but this time, Flynn Hao Yang made a fatal mistake ……”

        The handlers hurriedly asked, “Chief, what was the fatal mistake?”

        Li Yalin blurted out, “It’s Stephanie!”

        “Stephanie?!” The subordinate exclaimed, “That big star?!”

        “That’s right!” Li Yalin nodded, “I’ve always felt that the kidnapping of Flynn Hao Yang smelled wrong from the beginning to the end, and now it seems that it must be because he set his eyes on Stephanie that he got himself killed!”

        The handlers couldn’t help but ask, “Chief, so what you’re saying is that …… this matter was done by someone close to Stephanie?”

        Li Yalin frowned slightly and spoke, “I met Stephanie at the Wangfu Hotel the night Flynn Haoyang disappeared, I felt that she was a young girl and did not seem like someone with this kind of ability ……”

        Saying that, Li Yalin added: “That Stephanie, although her family’s condition is also very good, but compared to the Flynn family, it’s not a little bit worse ……”

        The next man nodded gently and said, “In that case, it should have nothing to do with her, after all, she is also a newcomer to China, even if she has some strength in China, she will not be able to show anything when she arrives in New York, she is definitely not enough in front of the Flynn family.”

        Li Yalin nodded slightly, but his mind unconsciously recalled that when he met Stephanie that day, those people who were beside Stephanie, among them was a young man who dared to call out to Flynn Xuebin, which impressed him deeply.

        He wondered in his heart, “What is that young man’s identity? If he knew Flynn Xuebin’s identity, why did he dare to be so rude to Flynn Xuebin? Could this matter have something to do with him?”

        But when you think about it, it doesn’t feel right: “It’s just a young man, even if he has extraordinary guts, he may not have such great strength, to kidnap Flynn Hao Yang under the eyes of the Flynn family, and still be able to plan everything without leaking, it’s not just guts that’s enough …… and The Flynn family’s old man and first lady suddenly returned unharmed, and not only were they not killed by Flynn Shanhai’s men, but that Flynn  Phoebe suddenly became the new head of the family, which is also very strange ……”

        Li Yalin felt, all of a sudden, that his brain was a little bit inadequate.

        He knew that these things were all very perverse, and that when things are perverse, there must be a demon, and he just hadn’t caught this demon out yet.

        And, for a moment, he couldn’t catch any useful clues.

        So, he turned around and looked angrily at Flynn Shanhai, frowning and questioning, “Flynn Shanhai, such a big thing has happened to the Flynn family, I see that your expression doesn’t seem to be surprised, tell me, all these things, did you already know about it?!”

        Flynn Shanhai came back to his senses and hurriedly waved his hands and said, “Inspector Li …… I simply don’t understand what you are talking about …… my grandson he …… he is not such a person ah ……”

        Li Yalin stared deadly at Flynn Shanhai and said in a cold voice: “Fine! It’s still acting now! There hasn’t been such a bad case in the United States for decades, once the case is confirmed, your Flynn family’s reputation will be in tatters, at that time, you won’t even have tears to cry!”

        Flynn Phoebe stepped forward at this time and said seriously, “Inspector Li, since these crimes were, indeed, committed by the Flynn family, then the Flynn family is also ready to take responsibility for them!”

        Li Yalin nodded and said in a cold voice, “I hope you can bear the burden!”

        After saying that, he immediately said to the police officers around him, “Close the squad immediately! Call all officers to return to the station for a meeting immediately!”