Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4322

        The reason for asking him is to point him out. Seeing that his attitude of admitting his mistake is not bad, Flynn Phoebe said, “Uncle, as the saying goes, the world is bustling with profit, the world is bustling with profit, what you did is very inappropriate and even immoral, but I can understand to a certain extent. “

        “Yes, yes, yes ……” said Flynn Shanhai with a compensating smile on his face, “Thank you Phoebe …… long live understanding, long live understanding ……”

        Flynn Phoebe blandly said, “Eldest uncle, I can leave these matters alone, but you have to leave for a trip to Miami overnight, personally apologize to my parents’ family and bring them back one by one.”

        “OK!” Flynn Shanhai did not expect that Flynn Phoebe would be so generous as to give himself a step, and while his heart was excited, he said almost without thinking, “Then I will prepare and fly to Miami!”

        As he was speaking, a general from the Dragon Palace ran over and said to Flynn Phoebe, “Miss Flynn, there are some police cars outside the gate, saying that Inspector Li Yalin Li wants to see Flynn Shanhai.”

        “Li Yalin?” Flynn Phoebe frowned slightly and spoke, “Isn’t he the Chinese sleuth?”

        After saying that, she turned to Flynn Shanhai and asked, “Eldest uncle, do you have a friendship with Li Yalin? Or is he investigating Flynn Hao Yang’s case?”

        Flynn Shanhai hurriedly said, “Phoebe you don’t know, before you came back, Mr. Wade first had someone kidnap Hao Yang, then cut off both of Hao Yang’s ears and openly demanded two hundred billion dollars in digital crypto currency, your elder brother went to meet with them, and they even seized the opportunity to speculate online, making the whole world know about Hao Yang’s kidnapping …… and this case happens to be this Li Yalin’s responsibility, he has been unable to find out the clues and is also very impatient, he has already come here once before, I didn’t pay any attention to him, I don’t know why he is looking for him again now.”

        When Flynn Phoebe heard these words, she couldn’t help but feel: “It seems that Mr. Wade had a plan, he was behind the attack to push the waves, just to let the matter come to light, the Flynn family’s reputation suffered a crushing blow ……”

         Flynn Shanhai hurriedly said: “Phoebe, this Li Yalin is not a fuel-efficient lamp, do you think someone should send them away first?”

        Flynn Phoebe shook her head and said, “It can be sent away for a while but not for a lifetime, invite them in, I will go and meet him for a while.”

        Upon hearing this, the General of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall immediately said respectfully, “Yes, Miss Flynn.”

        At this time, Flynn Phoebe said to Flynn Garet as well as Flynn Shanhai, “Grandfather and eldest uncle, it is hard for you to meet Inspector Li with me, as for the others, just go back and rest first.”

        Flynn Garet and Flynn Shanhai naturally had no problem with this, while the others hurriedly prepared to leave first.

        Flynn Shanhai called on his son Flynn Xuebin and said, “Xuebin, arrange for a flight, and after I accompany Phoebe to meet Inspector Li, we will go to Miami together.”

        Flynn Xuebin hurriedly said, “Yes, Dad, I’ll go and make the arrangements.”

        A few moments later, several police cars drove into the Flynn family estate from the main gate.

        These cars made their way to the front of the main villa and were led into the parlour by a general from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons.

        Once inside the hall, Li Yalin looked at Flynn Shanhai and said offhandedly, “Mr. Flynn, there are not many hours left before the 48 hours left by the kidnappers, do you have any clues on your side to synchronize with me?!”

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Li Yalin suddenly saw Flynn Garet sitting next to Flynn Shanhai, only that the current Flynn Garet seemed a little younger than the last time he saw him, so he didn’t recognise him at once.

        When he recognized Flynn Garet, he was dumbfounded and said offhandedly, “Mr. Flynn …… Flynn Garet? When did you …… you come back?!”