Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4313

Only then would he be able to obtain the rest of the Spring Return Pills at the remaining three key nodes, as a way to achieve his wish of extending his life by a decade or two.

Having lived for over ninety years, Flynn Garet was a complete human being, and he instantly understood that the reason why Charlie wade was doing this was to pinch himself.

However, at the moment, how could he dare to have any dissatisfaction with Charlie wade’s pinching?

In his heart, he could not help but sigh: “If Charlie wade is pinching me, I can at least still live; if he is not pinching me, what other way do I have to go but to die?”

Therefore, without thinking, he said, “Mr. Wade, everything is according to your wishes! I have no opinion!”

Charlie wade nodded, looked at Flynn Phoebe and asked her, “Miss Flynn, you don’t have a problem with that, do you?”

Flynn Phoebe said: “I …… I have no opinion …… All listen to Mr. Wade’s arrangement!”

At this moment, Flynn Phoebe also understood the purpose of Charlie wade’s action, and knew that Charlie wade was protecting her, so she was naturally grateful.

The Flynn family will soon face a huge reputation crisis and have to pay huge compensation to the victims’ families. Even if you want to get the Flynn family over the hump and rise again, you won’t have enough liquidity on hand.”

Saying this, Charlie wade added: “However, if you deliver the Spring Return Pill in batches, you can also make payments in batches, and you only need to pay me $50 billion each time, from $200 billion to $50 billion, so there will naturally be no pressure on your Flynn family.”

Flynn Phoebe hurriedly said, “What Mr. Wade said is extremely true …… Thank you Mr. Wade for thinking of the Flynn family in every way ……”

Flynn Garet also immediately said gratefully, “Mr. Wade, you are really the saviour of the Flynn family …… Thank you!”

Although he said so, Flynn Garet could not help but sigh in his heart, “This Charlie wade, he really knows how to put gold on his face …… In two or three sentences, he twisted the fact that he deliberately took advantage of me into helping the Flynn family to tide over the difficult times, and I don’t know how he can be so thick-skinned at such a young age ……”

At this time, Charlie wade looked at Flynn Shanhai and Flynn Xuebin again and spoke, “You two, from today onwards, cooperate fully with all of Miss Flynn’s requests and make sure to shine in the development of the Flynn family, if I know that you two have any small thoughts, I will definitely have someone from the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall come over and bring you to Syria to experience the local customs and customs properly. When the time comes, I will give you an in-depth tour for five or eight years, so that Syria will become your second homeland.”

Flynn Shanhai’s body trembled with fear.

I’d rather stay with the Flynn family and work as a dog for Flynn Phoebe than to go to Syria to experience the so-called local customs. What is there to experience in that place? And what about the five or eight years of in-depth tour, isn’t that five or eight years of imprisonment?

In shock, he hurriedly bowed ninety degrees and said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, please don’t worry, I, Flynn Shanhai, swear to heaven that I will do my utmost to help Phoebe govern the Flynn family and will never do anything against the interests of the Flynn family!”

Flynn Xuebin followed suit and bowed to state, “Please rest a*sured, Mr. Wade, my humble servant will never let you down ……”

“Good.” Charlie wade nodded slightly with great satisfaction and spoke, “Since you guys are so on board, I believe that Miss Flynn will also arrange a relatively comfortable job for you in the Flynn family in the future.”

As he said that, Charlie wade looked around at the whole week and added: “But I would like to remind you all, from now on, don’t engage in any more, hook-ups, and subterfuge! And don’t follow that Flynn Hao Yang’s example of doing wrong!”

The crowd nodded obediently, no one dared to say a word more.

Charlie wade looked at Flynn Phoebe again and explained, “Miss Flynn, in the future, the Flynn family must have an internal vetting team that regularly conducts strict investigations on every member of the Flynn family every once in a while, and if any problems are found, cut them off quickly and don’t give them the chance to develop!”