Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4307

        However, if Charlie wade did not open his mouth, he really did not have the courage to say this.

        Therefore, Flynn Garet had been waiting for Charlie wade to state his position, otherwise, it would be impossible for him, a widowed old man, to regain the family headship with only the support of his granddaughter.

        Just as the two were each having their own thoughts, Charlie wade suddenly opened his mouth and said to the two of them, “You two, one is the current head of the Flynn family and the other is the previous head of the family, Flynn Hao Yang is the one who has done so many acts of brutes that are outrageous to God and man under the noses of the two of you, you two heads of the family, are also responsible for mismanagement, so I would like to know what you two now have words to say?”

        Flynn Shanhai was startled, hmm. He hurriedly said, “Mr. wade, I have been the head of the Flynn family for less than half a month, this responsibility, no matter what, should not fall on my head, please be clear!”

        After saying that, he looked at Flynn Garet again and said to Charlie wade, “Mr. wade, for the twenty years that Hao Yang has been alive, ninety-nine percent of the time, my father Flynn Garet has been the Flynn family head, so he can hardly be blamed for this matter!”

        When Flynn Garet heard this, his expression was unsightly to the extreme.

        It certainly annoyed him that his son had dumped the pot on himself, and he was also very clear about the meaning of Charlie wade’s words, the matter of Flynn Hao Yang had not happened once or twice, but for many years in a row, and for so many years, he had been sitting in the position of the family head, but had not been half aware of what Flynn Hao Yang had done, so he naturally had an unshirkable responsibility.

        So, he could only walk forward and said with an arching hand, “Mr. wade, Shan Hai is right, I am indeed unaccountable for this matter, so please punish Mr. wade!”

        Charlie wade waved his hand, “I will not punish you, after all, you are already at this age, even if you killed someone, the court will not sentence you.”

        Flynn Garet was like being pardoned, he quickly bowed and said, “Thank you Mr. wade for your generosity!”

        Charlie wade turned to look at Flynn Shanhai again and said indifferently, “Flynn Shanhai, even if you have only been the head of the family for half a month, you still have to bear the responsibility for half a month, at times like this, it’s not a case of dumping the pot on your old man and getting off smoothly on your own.”

        Flynn Shanhai hurriedly said, “Mr. wade is right …… I am indeed responsible …… I also ask for your reprimand ……”

        Charlie wade blandly said, “Just like you just said, the responsibility of mismanagement, your family’s old man accounts for ninety-nine percent, you account for one percent, ninety-nine percent I don’t even do to pursue, you, the one percent, naturally there is nothing to pursue.”

        Hearing these words, Flynn Shanhai immediately said with gratitude, “Thank you Mr. wade, thank you! Your great kindness, I will never forget it!”

        Charlie wade nodded blandly and said, “Although I can not hold you two responsible, in my opinion, both of you have a stain on the management of the Flynn family, and after this matter has come to light, the Flynn family desperately needs a clean and pure person to come forward and lead the Flynn family out of the gloom. “

        When the two heard this, their hearts stuttered.

        Who would have thought that one second they would be grateful for Charlie wade’s netting, and this second, Charlie wade would come straight to such a sentence.

        Flynn Shanhai couldn’t help but say offhandedly, “Mr. Wade …… you also said just now that my responsibility is only one percent, which is almost negligible, this shouldn’t be considered a stain, right?”

        Charlie wade frowned and asked in return, “What? One hundredth is not a stain? Besides, do you think you only have this one stain on yourself? Flynn Shanhai, don’t forget that you were the one who took your father’s position as family head and sent people after him everywhere. Why don’t we just expose this matter as well and ask the general public in America what they think?”