Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4302

        Flynn Garet was sweating coldly but did not dare to wipe it, he could only bow humbly and said, “Mr. Wade is right in his criticism ……”

        Charlie wade coldly said, “Later I will make all the videos public, at that time, the Flynn family had better hold a press conference at the first opportunity and sincerely apologize to the world, if you handle it well, then I can no longer pursue it after that, but if you handle it badly, I will definitely kill the head of your Flynn family first, then let the next head continue to handle it, if the next head of the family If the next family head still doesn’t handle the matter to my satisfaction, I will kill him and find the next one, until this matter is properly resolved!”

        When the Flynn family heard these words, each and every one of them shuddered.

        And Charlie wade didn’t pay any more attention to them at this time, but turned to Wan Bajun and said, “Bajun, bring the man here.”

        “Okay Mr. Wade!” Wan Bajun immediately took out his mobile phone and issued an order to his men.

        A few minutes later a helicopter landed directly outside the door of the ground floor hall.

        Several generals from Wan Long Temple escorted Flynn Hao Yang, who was covered in only a pair of trousers, and Qiao Fei Yun in.

        At this moment, the two men had already been tortured to the point of being unrecognisable.

        Their ears were gone, their bodies were covered in bruises and bruises, and their spirits were even more depressed.

        Flynn Hao Yang was escorted in, and as soon as he saw Flynn Xuebin and Flynn Shanhai, he immediately howled, “Dad, grandpa, you save me …… I’m being tortured to death ……”

        When Flynn Xuebin, who had been beaten to the ground earlier, looked at his son’s miserable state, a heartache naturally welled up in his heart unconsciously.

        He subconsciously opened his mouth and called out, “Hao Yang …… my son ……”

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Flynn Shanhai kicked him in the face and cursed angrily, “B*****d! Still calling this beast a son?!”

        Flynn Xuebin instantly gave a jolt and his expression became frightened and scared.

        Flynn Hao Yang looked at Flynn Shanhai and said with a shocked face, “Grandpa …… do you disown me grandpa ……”

        Flynn Shanhai roared in anger, “Shut up! I, Flynn Shanhai, don’t have a grandson like you! You are a beastly thing! The face of my Flynn family has been disgraced by you!”

        Flynn Hao Yang was violently shocked and looked at Charlie wade and then at Flynn Shanhai, muttering, “Grandpa …… you …… you know all about this?!”

        Flynn Shanhai gritted his teeth and cursed, “How did my Flynn family come up with such a scum as you!”

        Flynn Hao Yang panicked, and seeing that Flynn Garet was also here, he couldn’t care less about the shock and said in tears, “Grandpa Zeng …… please help me …… I’m really being tortured to death by them… . please ……”

        Flynn Garet was even more furious, pointing at his nose and cursing, “Son of a b*tch, you don’t deserve to die!”

        Flynn Hao Yang was completely panicked this time, he didn’t expect that his closest relatives, who used to dote on him, would now be so indifferent to him, if they were all unwilling to save him, wouldn’t he only have a way out of death!

        Thinking of this, he hurriedly turned around and knelt down in front of Charlie wade with a poof, crying, “Mr. Wade …… I know I’m wrong …… I really know I’m wrong… . please spare me this time Mr. Wade ……”

        Charlie wade ignored him and instead extended his hand towards Wan Breaking Jun.

        Wan Bajun understood and immediately drew a pistol from the back waist of a general and handed it to Charlie wade with both hands respectfully.

        Charlie wade took the pistol and put the muzzle against Flynn Hao Yang’s head, looked at Flynn Xuebin and questioned in a loud voice, “Flynn Xuebin, today I am killing your son to eradicate harm for the people and do justice for heaven, do you! Are you convinced?”