Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4299


        How could Flynn Phoebe not have expected that Charlie wade would let her express her opinion at such a time.

        She was very clear about her position in the Flynn family, not to mention that she was no match for Flynn Shanhai or Flynn Xuebin, even Flynn Haoyang was no match for her.

        Don’t look at her grandfather as doting on her, but when it really came to discussing seniority, she could only stand back and retreat in silence.

        Moreover, she had not seen her parents here tonight, so he could also guess that her eldest uncle Flynn Shanhai had already expelled his parents from the Flynn family, and at such a time, she would have even less confidence here.

        Charlie wade could see that she was a bit weak, so he said, “Miss Flynn, if you have an idea, just say it, and don’t be afraid to offend people, I’ll do it for you!”

        Flynn Phoebe pursed her lips, and her heart instantly became more solid.

        With Charlie wade making the decision for her, she immediately plucked up her courage and said aloud, “Mr. Wade, I think the best solution now is to make Flynn Hao Yang pay for what he has done!”

        When Flynn Xuebin and his wife heard this, they exploded, and his wife pointed at Flynn Phoebe and cursed angrily, “Flynn Phoebe, you heartless little cousin, our family Hao Yang is your nephew after all, can you bear to let him die?”

        Flynn Xuebin also gritted his teeth and scolded, “Flynn Phoebe, Flynn Phoebe, you really have a snake’s heart! Do you think that since we drove your parents away, you’re looking for this opportunity to take personal revenge?”

        Charlie wade frowned slightly at this moment and said to Wan Bajun, “Bajun, these two people are chattering very annoyingly, slap your mouth!”

        Without saying a word, Wan Bajun quickly stepped forward and slapped Flynn Xuebin upside down, followed by a slap to his wife’s face, directly spinning her around several times and causing her to faint on the spot.

        At this time, Charlie wade looked at Flynn Phoebe and said, “You continue.”

        Flynn Phoebe nodded and continued, “On the other hand, we should immediately make what he has done public, we must not hide the cover up for him!”

        At Flynn Phoebe’s words, everyone was dumbfounded!

        Flynn Shanhai was shocked, and Flynn Garet was even more shocked!

        They all knew very well that if this matter was made public, it would be a crushing blow to the entire Flynn family.

        This would be the biggest scandal of the century for the top American families, bar none.

        Therefore, both of them stared at Flynn Phoebe with incredulous eyes, wondering why she would come up with such a solution that would push the entire Flynn family into the abyss.

        However, neither Flynn Shanhai nor Flynn Garet dared to open their mouths to refute Flynn Phoebe’s words at this time, and they could only look at Charlie wade with trepidation, wondering how he would react.

        Charlie wade opened his mouth at this time and looked at Flynn Garet, saying coldly, “Elder Flynn, now you know the gap between you and Miss Flynn, right?”

        When Flynn Garet heard this, his heart was dead.

        He thought that Flynn Phoebe was deliberately playing a strong hand to break her wrist as a way to gain Charlie wade’s goodwill.

        He even felt that Flynn Phoebe was probably trying to take this opportunity to take over the position of the Flynn family head.

        This made him instantly feel a little more anger towards Flynn Phoebe in his heart.

        Originally, he had wanted to take this opportunity to regain power, but he had never expected that his most trusted granddaughter would jump out and copy him at this time!

        He could not help but look at Flynn Phoebe, his eyes filled with anger and questioning.